Clay Aiken – Too Much To Do

The month of November in 2004 has to have been one of the most exciting, busy and probably frustrating months for Clay Aiken. There were so many important things happening in his career that month.

The list is long.  Are you ready??

  1. 11-8  The Cover of TV Guide
  2. 11-9  World Children’s Day – McDonalds House
  3. 11-14 Presenter at the American Music Awards
  4. 11-15 Guest on Larry King Live – ½ hour interview
  5. 11-16 Release of CD, Merry Christmas With Love
  6. 11-16 Release of Book, Learning To Sing
  7. 11-19 Host of Voices of Change Gala for BAF
  8. 11-26 Start of Christmas Tour
  9. 11-30 Musical Star at the Christmas in Rockefeller Center
  10. 11-30 Birthday!

Oh, wait!!  I forgot to mention all the TV shows that Clay appeared in to promote his book, CD and Christmas Special.

Then, to top it off, Clay became ill with a serious infection.  Following doctors orders, he had to postpone the beginning of his tour and was not able to perform at the Voices of Change Gala.  I’m tired just reading the schedule.

On November 17th, Clay was in New York, feeling under the weather, and had an interview with Katie Couric promoting Learning To Sing and Merry Christmas With Love. They talked about what the Idol experience had taught him, about being a nerd in Middle School, and accepting who you are, believing in yourself, and learning from your life experiences.

The following video shows the visit with Katie.  I had to look for this one.  Do you remember this?


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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Too Much To Do

  1. Great Interview!!! I don't remember seeing that, but I'm sure I must have back in 2004. I could listen to Clay talk forever….He is just so articulate…

    No wonder he got a cold…he was going non stop back then… Even though we loved every minute we saw with Clay back then….I am even more thrilled that he is able to enjoy his own life more now…. I think he has found a balance between the two, and that is what will make Clay stay in the "entertainment" business for a long time. It's all about balance, and not burning yourself out. Clay Aiken has it all figured out…and I couldn't be happier about that.


  2. Awesome interview. Clay looked wonderful and relaxed with Katie. He just amazes me at how articulate, poised and confident that he is. He has stayed true to himself a kind, loving, giving man.

  3. I don't remember seeing this before. Poor Clay was really sick, but he was still articulate and seemed interested.

    Thanks for bringing this over!!

  4. It's amazing how many times Clay was on the Today Show.

    November certainly was a busy and important month for Clay. He was a busy man!!

  5. This is what I love about CANN, you bring back old videos! I'm a new fan so I haven't seen these interviews and its great to come here and see something new everyday. 😀

  6. I remember all of these Clay Aiken appearances, but it is so nice to revisit them. Looking forward to more in the future.

  7. I sure do. I remember that interview like it was yesterday and how sick he was then. I remember all of the list too. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I wonder if he slept at all?

  8. I so remember this interview. Clay looked so sick…and he was. I loved how he talked about using his popularity in a way to help his Foundation. He always wanted to make a difference…and he certainly has. I loved it when Katie said at the end that she is a Claymate. Clay sure has some influential people as his friends.

  9. I remember him doing that interview , but had forgotten what specifically was said. It's always great seeing old interviews again.

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