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The American Music Awards were created by showman Dick Clark in 1973 as an alternative to the Grammy Awards; they honor achievements in popular music and the recording business. The awards salute the entire spectrum of music, from country-western stars to Soul singers, as well as hard rock, rap and traditional.

The crystal trophy for the American Music Awards is in pyramid shape.  Roberta Flack won the first trophy in 1973.  Since then, more than 30 awards are given each year. The American Music Award is basically a popularity contest based on a poll of CD buyers. The record for the most American Music Awards is 22 which both Whitney Houston and Alabama have received.

The American Music Awards show is broadcast live on network TV each year. It attracts the biggest names in the music business. They appear live on stage as performers, presenters, recipients, and sometimes hosts. The show is not about awards so much as it is about musical performances. Acceptance speeches are limited to 45 seconds. Many notable stars have hosted the show including Elton John, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Glen Campbell, and Natalie Cole.

The 2009 AMA show will be held on Sunday, November 22, 2009, at the Nokia Theatre .

Clay Aiken attended and participated in the American Music Awards three different years.  On November 16, 2003, Clay attended the show with Amber Nix.  He performed Invisible and Jesus in Love as a duet with Ruben.  Clay won the Fan’s Choice Award.

The next year, on November 14th, Clay presented the Favorite Male Artist Award.  Kathy Griffin walked out wearing a wedding dress and declaring her love for Clay. “I think your obsession with me has gone too far,” was Clay’s retort.

Finally, on November 21, 2006, Jimmy Kimmel was the host. He introduced Clay by saying

“It’s no surprise that our next guests wanted to present together, as you probably read in all of the tabloids, she is carrying his baby. Just back from their lavish wedding in Rome, Tori Spelling and Clay Aiken.”

They walk out hand in hand. Another highlight of the evening came when Clay poked fun at his “Live” spat with Kelly Ripa. Clay spoofed his hand-over-the-mouth exchange with the talk show host while he and Tori Spelling were onstage to introduce John Mayer. As Clay introduced the singer, Tori placed her hand over his mouth, saying, “And I’ll tell you where that hand has been later.

Although the show is not my favorite to watch, I hope that Clay will attend again and receive another award.

Typical of Clay, his look at each show was dramatically different. Which look is you favorite from the AMA’s?







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  1. Clay does look drop-dead gorgeous in all of them. But, I picked #5 because I like how he looks with that suit on…and I love his hair. It was a close one, between #5 & #6. I do like #6 because you can see those broad shoulders…but I went for the suit.

  2. Clay has matured into such a beautiful young man! I liked #1 and #6, but voted for #6. I think He just keeps getting better with age. Every time I see him, he is just more handsome and I believe it comes from the inside out. I pray his life be blessed with every good thing!

  3. Oh, I had to pick #5 with #6 a close second. I was so happy to see him that night and just kept replaying that clip over and over. He looked amazing and he showed that he had a sense of humor–unlike a certain cohost who shall remain nameless–and whom I have never watched since November 17, 2006!

  4. It was a hard choice between 1 and 6, but voted for 6 hands down. That look knocked me out when he appeared on stage. Just too beautiful. I see above me a lot are saying #6, but that didnt turn out to be the top choice.????????

  5. Musicfan,

    Thnx for the informative and enjoyable look back at the years Clay Aiken participated in the American Music Awards. As for the poll, my choice was between #5 and #6, and I went with the latter.


  6. My favorite look is #5 or #6, I love Clay with longer hair, but I also love Clay with any hair!

  7. Fun poll………..I am not a big fan of 3 and 4. #1 is very good, but I love 5 and 6!! It is amazing howe different he looks each year. I hope he is at next year's AMA's

    Thanks for the info.

  8. So Dick Clark founded this show. He sure has been an influential man in the field of entertainment.

    I am having trouble deciding between 1 and 5……….I like them both!!

    Thank you for sharing the information with all of us. I always learn something new.

  9. Choosing a favourite anything with Clay is never easy! Before reading the replies, I voted. It was between #1 & #6, I went with #1, there's just something about that night that holds an extra warm place in my heart 🙂

  10. Oh I voted for #6 hands down. Something about the pinstripes and that shade of aquamarine. I was just so happy to see him stride out on stage with that smile on his face. …… I Love Clay Aiken…;)

  11. Clay's last AMA look was clearly my fave. 2003 was a good look as well. I didn't care for his 2004 look at all.

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