Clay Aiken – “I’m Dancing!”


Sometimes we just need a good laugh and who better to entertain us but Clay Aiken.  Yes, he sings like an angel and is a handsome man…….but today we will be entertained by one of the funniest persons around.

Enjoy!!  We all need to take a deep breath and just laugh!!



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24 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “I’m Dancing!”

  1. Thanks so much for those video's. It just makes me want to see him touring again. In the first video there are a lot of spots where he is just plain sexy when he is dancing. Of course, when he does the famous Jefferson Dance…that is hilarious. Loved him when he toured alone for JNT6. He was so funny. Enjoy this site very much…it is always enjoyable.

  2. Clay's banter is so much fun. You never know what to expect as each concert is different. It seems obvious that he enjoys being on the stage, he seems to have a lot of fun when he is.

  3. I was at this show and it was one of the funniest concerts he ever did! Clay Aiken can make you laugh with just his smile!.

  4. Those videos are a kick!! Thank you for posting them. Clay Aiken is a funny man and I love seeing him in concert. I can't wait!!

  5. I loved the videos. Clay is hilarious in those clips, but we all know he can dance .He was great dancing in Spamalot. But I think he loves to entertain us and making us laugh is part of that entertainment. He is such a funny funny man.

  6. I am still laughing!! Clay is a funny man!!

    This blog today is what I needed. Sometimes a good laugh tells it all!

  7. Musicfan,

    If Clay Aiken weren't such an awesome singer, he could make a living as a comedian. Looking forward to his brand of entertainment combining both talents on tour … SOON!

    Thnx for the entertaining blog. Also, I appreciate your kind remarks in the Carolina journal.


  8. Great videos, so funny! He cracks me up with some of the things he does and says. He's so natural in these. He acts just like he's hanging out with friends……guess he's doing just that! Love Clay! Love your blogs! This one is great! Thank you!!

  9. Really enjoyed your blog. Clay Aiken is so funny besides being such a great singer . Whichever he does I love it.

  10. THANK YOU for the great blog. I couldn’t stop laughing at those videos. They brought back lots of good memories. Clay Aiken is a riot. I can’t wait till he goes out on tour again and the clack comes rollin’ in!

  11. Fun, fun, fun!!

    Clay is an amazing man!! I love seeing him performing!!

    Thanks for bringing these videos over!!

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