Clay Aiken – “It Was Incredible…Really Great!”

On November 12th, Clay Aiken wrote a long and exciting blog on his Official Fan Club Board.  He discussed this and that including some news about his next album and even some snippets on some political thoughts.

One of the things he mentioned caught my eye.  He wrote:

“While in London last time I went, with Hannah, to see Sister Act: the Musical. I went because I thought it would be a disaster and I wanted to see how bad it would be. I was SOOO WRONG. It was incredible. REALLY great. The sets were some of the most amazing I have EVER seen on a stage and the music was SPECTACULAR. Alan Menken, who wrote Aladdin and Beauty and The Beast and MUCH more, wrote the music for this… it was SOOO good. Makes me REALLY want to do hunchback of Notre Dame (which he also wrote) on Broadway. Anyone know anyone at Disney Theatricals? Wanna pull some strings? 😉

I thought it would be interesting to learn more about this show.

Sister Act The Musical is a new musical comedy based on the international hit movie of the same name. The show is currently at the London Palladium and opened on June 2,  2009. The show is produced by Whoopi Goldberg who starred in the Sister Act movies.

I am sure you all remember the story of disco diva Deloris Van Cartier, who witnesses a murder. She is put in protective custody in the one place the police are sure she won’t be found – a convent!

When she turns her attention to the convent’s off-key choir, she tries to help the nuns find their true voices and breathe new life into the rundown neighborhood. This is good for the convent, but bad for Deloris as her cover could be blown for good.

Sister Act features a score by Alan Menken, who is an eight-time Oscar winner and the man behind many songs from the Disney movies, including The Little Mermaid, Beauty & The Beast, Aladdin and Enchanted. The Sister Act musical lyrics are by Alan’s long-time collaborator, Glenn Slater.

The book is by the award-winning team, Cheri and Bill Steinkellner, whose writing credits include the classic television comedy Cheers. The production is directed by Peter Schneider.

Whoopi Goldberg is producing this musical version of Sister Act. One of the best-known performers in the world, Whoopi Goldberg’s career spans from film and television, to stage and recording, to radio host and best-selling author. She is one of the few people who has won an Academy Award, a Grammy, a Golden Globe, an Emmy and a Tony Award.

The Telegraph is the largest selling British “quality” paper in the United Kingdom.  Their review of Sister Act follows:

A production of Sister Act at the London Palladium proves more enjoyable on stage than on film

I caught the show at the final preview with an audience of regular punters rather than the usual first-night rent-a-mob, and the cheers and standing ovation at the end were both genuine and deserved. The book, by Cheers writers Cheri and Bill Steinkellner, is strong, funny and touching. And the disco-inspired score by Disney favourite Alan Menken, with neat lyrics by Glenn Slater, is a cracker. Frankly, what’s not to like, especially when you’ve got a chorus line of jiving nuns singing their hearts out ecstatically?

Clay Aiken seems to have great taste in his picks of musical stage productions.  Sister Act, the Musical seems to be a show that should be seen.  And, how nice that Clay got to spend some time with his good friend, Hannah Waddingham.

I have included a couple of videos that feature the cast of Sister Act, The Musical.  I hope you enjoy them.



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14 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “It Was Incredible…Really Great!”

  1. Thanks, musicfan. I didn't know that Sister Act had been turned into a play or that Whoopie Goldberg was involved in it! I'd love to see it! Another thing I'd love to see is Clay Aiken back on Broadway…after his next tour, that is!! Hope he gets his wish!!

  2. I would really love to see this musiscal. It looks like a great deal of fun.

    I am glad that Clay spent some time with Hannah.

    Thank you for the information.

  3. No wonder Clay enjoyed the show. It really looks like a fun show.

    It's fun to read all about it. Thanks for the info and the videos.

  4. Clay Aiken's reviews are right on. I love Sister Act, the movie, the play sounds great.
    It goes without saying that the CD news is fantastic!!

  5. Thank you for all the homework you did on this one! I used to have a mindset about musicals, but after Clay in Spamalot, drew my attention to really look and listen. The videos you share today really make Sister Act look fun, fabulous, and very entertaining. I love to see good musicals now and would love to see Clay performing again. He makes a great musical even greater! He's so much fun to watch. Love him! MAE

  6. Thanks so much for those video's. Sister Act looks like a fun musical. I never knew that Whoopi had produced it. I'm glad that Clay got a chance to visit with Hannah again also. He seemed to make a great friend out of her. Also, after Clay tours for us, I would love to see him back on Broadway. The man is a super star and can do anything.

  7. Loved seeing the videos. Thanks for bringing them over.

    I am so glad that Clay got to see the musical and visit with his friend Hannah. Seems like Clay has friends all over the world!!

    I love coming here because I know I can get great information.

  8. Loved seeing this!! I wish I was in London seeing plays there.

    I remember when Whoopi flew to London for the opening. She is afraid to fly and it was really hard for her.

    I would love to see Clay back on Broadway!!

  9. Looks like a fun show. When I read the blog I thought Clay was so emphatic about mentioning how wrong his first thought about the show was. It caught my attention.

  10. I'm glad that Clay Aiken got to spend some time with Hannah, and that they went to see "Sister Act The Musical" together. From the clips, it looks like a fun show.

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