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In 2004, Clay Aiken was chosen to be an Ambassador for UNICEF.  From their internet site, UNICEF writes about their Goodwill Ambassadors:

“UNICEF’s celebrities have a wide range of talents and achievements, but they all share a commitment to improving the lives of children worldwide. And in each case a celebrity’s association with UNICEF comes about because he or she has already demonstrated that commitment.

Fame has some clear benefits in certain roles with UNICEF. Celebrities attract attention, so they are in a position to focus the world’s eyes on the needs of children, both in their own countries and by visiting field projects and emergency programmes abroad. They can make direct representations to those with the power to effect change. They can use their talents and fame to fundraise and advocate for children and support UNICEF’s mission to ensure every child’s right to health, education, equality and protection.”

Along with most of you, I have been so proud of Clay as he used his role as an Ambassador seriously and worked hard to help children throughout the world.

I received the following e-mail this week from UNICEF.  It reminded me of how lucky we all are.  I hope you will read it and, if possible, buy a holiday gift through UNICEF.  It’s just the right thing to do.

Dear Friend of UNICEF,

It’s a difficult fact to face, but on this Thanksgiving, just like any other Thursday, many children will suffer from malnutrition. The faces of these children remind me why I’m so thankful for the important work that UNICEF does to help them survive.

While we give thanks over our meals on Thursday, UNICEF field staff will be distributing supplies to help thousands of severely malnourished children, including:

  • innovative packets of nut spread, created specifically to help malnourished children;
  • high-protein biscuits that are easy to distribute to children in need; and
  • a formula of nutritious milk and vitamins that boosts children’s chances of survival.

Malnutrition causes up to half of all preventable child deaths. My wish for this Thanksgiving is to give these children the supplies they need to survive until the next holiday.

Visit, where you can purchase lifesaving nutrition products to nourish the starving children of the world. We’ll give you an eCard that you can use to dedicate your gift to a loved one.

Giving a gift of lifesaving milk will help children in emergency feeding centers, refugee camps, and hospitals.

During emergencies, these high-energy biscuits can be quickly and easily distributed to children who desperately need the nutrition and vitamins.

Your gift of therapeutic nut spread, a protein paste for malnourished children, can feed ten children for one month!

You can find even more gifts at, and with just the click of your mouse you can:

  1. Buy a lifesaving gift for children in need.
  2. Dedicate the gift to someone special and create an eCard to send.

We’ll send the card to your honoree and UNICEF will send your gift to the field, where kids need it most! So please don’t wait another moment to get an early start on your holiday shopping and help make a huge difference in the life of a child.

Thank you for supporting UNICEF’s lifesaving work. On behalf of all of use here at the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, I wish you and your loved ones a happy Thanksgiving.


Caryl M. Stern
President & CEO
U.S. Fund for UNICEF

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Shop UNICEF

  1. Very informative article on Unicef. Clay has certainly represented them well. He went to Asia, for the Tsunami, and Africa and Afghanistan. The "Inspired Gifts.Org" is a very good idea for any of your gifts, because you are helping children in need in many countries. Maybe, Clay will travel for Unicef later in 2010, as I know he will probably be busy with his music in the earlier part of the year.

  2. One of the reasons that I admire Clay Aiken is his work with UNICEF, I personally have seen the poverty and the cruelty that some children of the 3rd. world countries go through.
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, specially to Clay Aiken and his family.

  3. Great article and wonderful gift idea. What better gift could anyone receive than feeding a hungry child. Clay Aiken's work on behalf of UNICEF is admirable.

  4. Musicfan,

    Another informative blog about Clay Aiken and the humanitarian work he does through UNICEF! Life-saving donations through the Inspire Gifts website are excellent holiday remembrances. Thank you for such a well-researched, important blog.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


  5. We have so much to be thankful for – and it's important that we share our riches. Thank you for the timely reminder.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  6. I love that Clay Aiken has been so involved with UNICEF, another way he helps children. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  7. great and informative article on UNICEF.Clay is doing a great job and keep it up that good job.
    thanks for sharing valuable information regarding UNICEF

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