Clay Aiken – 2009 Memories

Since it is the end of the year, I looked up some of the wonderful things that Clay Aiken did this year.  Pictures, pictures, pictures!!  Let’s vote on the favorite picture from 2009.

#1 - GLAAD Media Awards

David Foster- Las Vegas

#2 - David Foster- Las Vegas

#2 - Family Equality Council Award

#3 - Family Equality Council Award

#3 - Americas Next Top Model

#4 - America's Next Top Model

#5- 30 Rock

#5- 30 Rock

#6-David Foster - San Jose

#6-David Foster - San Jose

#7- GOlfing For Inclusion

#7- Golfing For Inclusion

#8 - National Inclusion Project Gala

#8 - National Inclusion Project Gala

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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – 2009 Memories

  1. This was a hard one. I finally went with #3. While I'm not usually crazy about photos of Clay in glasses, there is something about #3 that to me captures the real Clay Aiken.

  2. I loved all the pics…..

    I guess we've been pretty lucky with what we had this year…..Clay was not in the limelight at all this year, especially after his surgery, and is recording in the background…so all in all…I'm happy for any glimpse….NEXT YEAR!!!! Can't come soon enough for me……. I do love Pic #8 though.


  3. The photo I like the most is #2 – David Foster, Las Vegas. In it I think he has the best natural smile and the best hair color (complimenting his complexion). It's a great action shot which shows him enjoying the moment.

  4. I just had to pick #8..The National Inclusion Project Gala. He looks so handsome and intelligent in this picture. He is also very sexy. My second choice would have been #6 When he sang Unchained Melody at the San Jose Venue. My oh My is he sexy…or what?

  5. Love Clay no matter the pose, but voted for #6. Next choice would have been #2 with David. I love him dressed up, but seems like all the candid shots are so natural, and to me Clay is a natural. Thanks for the memories!! Looking forward to many more that I'm sure will be made.

  6. #2 was my pick!!! It is always so hard to pick just one because he looks so handsome on them all.
    But him and David Foster have that great look on their faces that you can tell how great friends they are.
    I think and believe that 2010 will be the year that we will see so many faces of him.
    cannot wait. 🙂

  7. I voted for #6, but would gladly vote for any!!

    This is a fun poll and Clay was very busy this year………a good reminder!

  8. Loved them all, but voted for #2.

    Clay Aiken was definitely busy this year–it was fun to look at the pictures and remember how excited I was about each appearance.

  9. That was HARD. I voted for No. 2, but I loved all of them. In my opinion, the camera loves Clay Aiken in every one of these pictures.

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