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I’ve always considered Wake County “home.” Growing up here taught me values like looking beyond the color of another’s skin and speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves. I hold Wake County and its values dear.

Recently, I expressed my views and concern about the direction in which the newly elected members of the School Board propose to take Wake County schools. In a private blog, I stated strong opposition to the campaign rhetoric of the newly elected Board members. In response, the Wake County Republican Party has challenged my voter registration in Wake County.

It just goes to show the lengths to which some folks will go to silence an opposing view. I’ve remained registered at the permanent address that I’ve long used here in Wake County because I consider Raleigh home. While I believe my registration is perfectly valid, I’ve decided to change my registration from Wake County rather than get into a technical dispute.

But, rest assured, this attack on my voter registration will not silence me. I may not be able to effect change through my vote, but I will join other concerned citizens in speaking truth to those who would reverse decades of progress in Wake County schools. I stand by my opposition to policies that threaten to resegregate schools and eliminate diversity. These policies will not prepare children for the larger world.

Policies based on campaign rhetoric will leave behind the very children who need help the most. I urge the newly elected School Board members to consider the needs of all Wake County school children, not just a few. Wake County was a special place to grow up, and remains a great American community, because of its diversity, because of its progressive schools, because people take care of each other.

I urge the new board members to slow down, look beyond their own campaign agenda, and begin to govern responsibly with the needs of all children in mind. If they do not, the people of Wake County will hold them accountable. Regardless of my own voter registration, I will continue to speak up for all children of a place I will always consider home.

Within minutes, this blog has been published on-line on the local NBC station website.  Too bad they had to express their feeling by the use of a questionable picture.
Clay………you are an articulate man.  Thank you for letting us know what was happening.
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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – He Blogged

  1. How lucky am I? I've found someone who I enjoy musically above all others who I can also respect for their convictions and intelligence. Clay Aiken is that person. Love him and am so proud to be a fan.

  2. This seems to be a period of time when people are only thinking of themselves. I am pleased that Clay seems to look beyond his yard and sees all the children of the world.

  3. A very articulate blog from a very caring man. Clay Aiken is definitely passionate when it comes to the rights of children, both locally and internationally.

    This is a polarizing issue, it should be interesting to follow.

  4. What can I say…..other than I love Clay Aiken.
    He uses his voice, for all the right things…..He knows what he is talking about….

  5. What questionable picture did they use? I love Clay Aiken and am so proud of him. He speaks his mind and uses his voice. How lucky am I to be a fan? Very very lucky. I think I have fallen in love with him all over again!

  6. The retaliation by the Party to an opposing opinion shows their immaturity and inefffectiveness, they decided to hit the guy with an opinion that is different. These are the people voted to care for children ?? You can't change conviction or passion by burying opinions.

    The good thing is Clay cares and is not afraid to stand up for his conviction. The wonderful thing is he is articulate and makes great sense when he has something to say.

  7. All I know is I am very proud of Clay Aiken. He stands up for the children and uses his voice like he should. How immature of that Board…and especially Mr. Pope to treat this so ridiculously and callously. None of this wouldn't have happened if it wasn't taken off his private blog. He knows what he is talking about.

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