Clay Aiken – It’s Christmastime

This entry is more a Clay Aiken editorial as opposed to a news item.  I was asked to provide a story for today and, since it is December 13, 2009, the only thing I could think to write about was Clay Aiken and Christmas.

My first Clay Aiken concert was the 2006 Christmas tour.  I was fortunate to see him in Merrillville, Indiana.  It was magic, pure and simple.

I can’t put into words what Clay and Christmas means to me, so I thought I’d put it into a video – my open letter to Clay.   I hope you enjoy

Oh, and for the record, it’s 18 Days, 13 hours and 29 minutes until January 1, 2010 (that would be as of 10:32 am – Raleigh time, of course) – just sayin’

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  1. Sue, that was wonderful! I started crying the minute I heard the music of Where Are You Christmas! I It just hasn't been the same the past two Christmas's without Clay. I miss him terribly and I hope he comes back to us soon! He is loved beyond words! Merry Christmas to you and to Clay fans everywhere!

  2. Sue….Your montage was great…thank you so much for doing this…..It just brings back so many good memories…..Really….Christmas is not the same without Clay…..He is missed..greatly!!!!!!

    I so enjoyed this, and am going back to watch it again…….


  3. Sue, that is an amazing video, so beatiful!! I am always so glad with all the work you do, because its always great – you're so talented… I loved all the Christmas tours..didn't go to any of them but watched it on line…thanks to all the great Clay fans!!! Clay sure is amazing.

    I truly believe that Clay MCWL CD is the best Cmas CD ever…there is no one who can sing Cmas music better than him.

  4. Sue, what a wonderful Clay Christmas montage. Thank you for all your hard work in spreading the joy of Clay Aiken's voice, love and humor this Christmas Season.

  5. Thank you Sue…That was a wonderful montage. I just love "Welcome To Our World." My very

    favorite one is the Albany, NY one. Brings a tear to the eye everytime. I had so many emotions

    watching this video. He is surely missed at Christmastime especially. Maybe next year he will

    do a Christmas Tour again.

  6. Just beautiful Sue!! Once again you have mesmerized us with your wonderful work!! I know it's a labor of love!! I'm thankful for all you do and everyone who shares the wonderful talent of putting these together! Makes me feel as if I was really there listening to Clay! Love this wonderful man with such a blessed voice which ministers joy, hope,and sheer delight to all who hear and see him! Looking forward to 2010 to hear him again in all the splendor wrapped up inside this gift to us, Clay Aiken!! We love you!!

  7. sue, everyone's right…you are so talented!!! beautiful, awesome, fantastic montage, song and man! i can't stop watching it! i loved the snippet of the song "welcome to our world" and looked it up on youtube and watched your montage for that, too. i am going now to post a link for it, too. thank you so much for all your hard work and for posting it at the facebook ClayNation group. love, cathie

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