Clay Aiken – Missing You!


Have you ever had one of those days???  You know what I mean……nothing major goes wrong, but there just seems to be a small shadow that hides the sunlight.  A sigh is uttered before a giggle, a frown is seen before a smile…….The day goes on, and you just don’t understand what is going on.

Well, that was Thursday for me…………up until about 7:30pm.  It was at that time that I went over to visit my friends at my home message board. We are a group of Clay Aiken fans who have grown to be close friends and we always make sure we check in with each other.  I bet you have some of those friends too.

There I was, with a small frown, reading……………WAIT!!!   It was time for a big smile!!

My dear friend Magical posted a group of pictures of Clay Aiken.  They were wonderful pictures from his 2007 Christmas Tour.  It seems Magical was missing the magic of Clay Aiken and Christmas music.  Ah… I understand!!  I was missing Clay too!!

I hope these pictures put a smile on your face too!!


Well……….I bet you are smiling now!!

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24 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Missing You!

  1. He looks so handsome in those pictures, wow!!! I sure am missing him too. 2010 can't get here soon enough. Can't wait to hear the new cd and I hope there is another tour.

  2. You were right, musicfan!! Clay Aiken is smiling at me from those beautiful pictures.
    And now I have a big smile on my face!! Enjoy your weekend everyone!

  3. Love those pictures musicfan! How can you not smile when you see the joy on Clay Aiken's face when he is performing!! He is magic!

  4. Clay Aiken always makes me smile and warms my heart. To hear him sing, see him entertain, and promote goodness for children around the world — for starters 🙂

  5. Yep………I am smiling!!! Each one of these pictures is a gem. Thank you for posting them. Thank your friend, Magical!!!

  6. Oh, my yes…I am most certainly smiling. I can never see too many Clay Aiken pictures. He sure is handsome. Can't wait to see him in concert again.

  7. Clay's Christmas Concerts were so much a part of our holidays that it's no wonder we all miss him so much at this time!! Thanks so much for these gorgeous pictures. Hope we'll be back to seeing Clay at Christmas next year!!

  8. I needed another smile, so I just had to come back and take another look at those gorgeous Clay Aiken Pictures!!

  9. Love those pictures!!! Seeing Clay smilling , makes me smile too.
    Cannot wait for that new CD…and hope for a tour…gotta see him.

    • You did more than inspire a blog… The things I would do to Clay Aiken… am sure there’s a law against it but given the chance, I would still do them.

  10. I was scrolling so fast over the pictures because I don’t want nasty thoughts in my head… lol

    It’s amazing that Clay has such an effect on his fans 7yrs down the road… He just may be the biggest thing since Elvis and Michael Jackson!

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