Clay Aiken – Figgy Pudding or Roasted Boar??


We need your help!! We all know that Clay Aiken sings carols better than anyone.  His album, “Merry Christmas With Love” and his EP “All Is Well” are both examples of the beauty of the songs and the richness of his voice.

Many fans would love to see Clay perform again at the holiday time…….hopefully in 2010.  Many others are hoping for a new holiday album.  This is where you come in.  We need a list of the songs you would like to see on a new holiday album by Clay. Please don’t get too carried away….maybe a list of about 3 songs.  On December 12th, I will list the songs in popular order and we can see what our “scientific” poll chooses.

It might be more fun if you add your choices before you read what others choose.  I hope we get lots of different ideas.  Also, let’s not include any songs he has already recorded.  Although Clay commented that he would love to re-record some of the songs, we are looking for a list of different songs.

There is no doubt about it – Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without carols.  Even people who do not attend church still enjoy carols.  For some, they bring back all those memories of a childhood long ago and far away.  For others, Carols bring home the message and the spirit of Christmas as nothing else can.

Carols are about a baby, and a star, and the angels, and peace, goodwill, and figgy pudding.  Some carols also recall the old pagan times of holly and mistletoe, yule logs and evergreen trees, roaring fires and roasted boar and wassil.

Thank you for participating in our Christmas music list.  I hope you all will give it a try…’ve got all week to pick your favorites.

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