Clay Aiken – New Year’s Eve at Times Square

Ever since MTV opened its TRL studio windows onto Times Square, MTV has staged a huge New Year’s Eve special.  To some, it was a surprise since Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve is just down the block. But to Mike Powers, the executive producer in 2003/2004, it was just a perfect setting.

Clay Aiken was one of the featured musical guests at the MTV New Year’s Eve celebration in 2003.  Clay sang two songs.  His first performance was Invisible.  He sang in the New Year with a romantic rendition of The Way.

The celebration was hosted by MTV’s Damien, La La, Vanessa, Quddus, Hilarie, Sway, and Suchin.  The special guest co-host was Hilary Duff.

Joining Clay as part of the musical entertainment was Chingy, Ludacris, Hilary Duff, and Simple Plan.

Clay was interviewed a couple of times during the evening and somehow, it seemed he was always outside in the cold wind.  It must have been an incredible night, seeing and hearing the huge crowds in Time Square.

Looking at all the names listed in this article, I wonder…….where are all these people today?  I must be really “out of it” as I haven’t heard anything positive about any of those people, except Clay Aiken, of course.

Rapper Chingy has been involved in multiple lawsuits and he has changed his music label numerous times.  His last CD hit the 84th place on the Billboard Charts.

Ludacris has been arrested for public brawling and has been involved in many lawsuits and feuds with different people.  He was very crude and vocal with his comments during the 2008 election.  No one wanted him on their side.

Hilary Duff has recorded three albums, plus two “best of” albums.  She was accused of “stealing’ music from Depeche Mode on her latest album.  She left her label and seems to be concentrating on her acting career.

Damien is currently the co-host of “I’m A Celebrity…..Get Me Out Of Here.”  I don’t think anything else needs to be said.

Then there is Clay Aiken.  In the last two years, he starred on Broadway, continues to work with UNICEF as an Ambassador, runs a successful charity that supports children and is not afraid to speak his mind when he sees injustices in the world.  Oh, did I mention his successful albums, tours and TV appearances??

I found the following video on YouTube.  It shows a lot of what Clay did on New Year’s Eve, 2003.


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17 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – New Year’s Eve at Times Square

  1. Musicfan,

    Thank you for a wonderful, exciting New Year's Eve memory! Looking forward to 2010 and the Decca Decade for Clay Aiken, his new label, and his fans!

    Happy New Year to you and yours!


  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Here's to 2010!! May the new decade be filled with love, success, blessings and LOTS AND LOTS of Clay Aiken 😀

  3. Thanks for the walk down memory lane when Clay was on MTV's New Year's Eve special. Happy New Year to everyone! I'm looking forward to a 2010 filled with lots of Clay Aiken!

  4. I really enjoyed watching this all over again….6 years ago…..where has the time gone???? That was fun…thanks for posting the video….LOVED IT!!!!

    I always love going back to the beginning, just to see how far Clay has come…and I find it amazing that the values he held back then..still carry on today.. Talk about successful…He has a well balanced life. It's not all about the living larger than life style…it's about doing what you love, giving back and helping those in need…balancing private life with professional life…..Clay has figured it all out….and I could not be more proud of this man…..



  5. Happy New Year to everyone at CANN! Clay continues to make a positive difference in the entertainment industry and in the lives of children. Sadly as you pointed out, the same cannot be said of certain other celebrities.

  6. He was soooo young back then. And just think he had no idea at the time that he would be starring on Broadway 5 years later!!!

  7. It was fun to see this video again. I bet it was an amazing night for Clay, although I bet he felt a bit out of place. It looked cold too!!

    Happy New Years to all!!

  8. First time watching that video, MESMERISED is all I can say. I am mesmerised beyond words. And yes, he has done well for himself, chosen the right path, right people, which is not easy at all for a celebrity. An example for all celebs to follow.


  9. Thank you for the great video and all the good news about wonderful Clay!! Happy, blessed, prosperous New Year to everyone!! Looking forward to great things in 2010 for Clay and all who love him! Thank you for this always informative, uplifting site!! God bless you all!!

  10. Thank you CANN for bringing us this video to watch and rewatch. That was so much fun to watch and as always Clay Aiken always brings a smile to my face. Happy New Year to everyone, everywhere. Praying the new year brings peace, harmony and inclusion for all and especially looking forward to a new decade full of Clay. Can't wait.


  11. I remember watching that New Year's very well. Clay Aiken was so young and sweet and the others thought they were so cool. Interesting as to where they are now??

  12. Thank you for another informative blog. I enjoyed watching the video of Clay Aiken on New Years Eve again. Looking forward to 2010. Happy New Year

  13. I remember staying up late that year to watch Clay Aiken sing. It was so worth the wait. Yes, the rest of them all thought they were so cool, but you could just tell that Clay was head and shoulders above them (in talent and intelligence).
    Cannot believe it was six years ago.
    Looking forward to 2010 and more Clay!!!

  14. Oh..thank you very much for that video. I just loved watching

    him up there singing…and especially, seeing his face flashing

    all over N.Y. on those screens. Now, I am really looking

    forward to the Deccade and 2010..and I am so excited.

  15. I remember watching Dick Clark's Rocking New Year's Eve back in 2003 and almost falling out of my chair when they showed Times Square and I saw Clay up on the jumbotron. I didn't have cable at that time so I couldn't watch MTV. That shot of Clay made the whole evening!

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