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Clay Aiken – Season 2 – Pure Talent

American Idol entered its 9th season last week.  Millions of people tuned in for the premiere, still watching the show. Personally, I have not watched the show for many years.  I loved it the first few years, but as the show seemed to move away from its original concept, I lost interest.

It was fun watching young talent as they grew each week.  I stopped watching when the professional musicians were allowed on the show.

Every time the beginning of the Idol season starts, I think back to Season 2.  I remember watching Clay Aiken in Atlanta and loved sharing in the excitement when he learned he was going to Broadway.  That’s what the show should be about!!

Do you still watch American Idol?

I know you have probably seen this video many times.  But, it is a Gem and a good video should be seen more than once.



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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Atlanta

  1. Who knew then what was in store for Clay. After 7 years his voice still amazes me and he still makes me smile 🙂

  2. Who can ever forget Clay's Atlanta audition? I remember seeing him, and thinking at first…oh God…this ought to be good..(sarcasticly) Well…when those first couple of notes came from Clay…I was in awe….WOW!!!!! I had to watch and see him again… I could not get over the voice..and still I am hooked on Clay's voice..but now the whole man….He is incredible…

    I do not watch AI anymore…can't be bothered for the same reason musicfan. It use to be about finding that someone out there, with no professional background… It's just not the same anymore. Can't be bothered with it. But I will always be thankful that we found Clay…Game Over.


  3. Who would have ever thought that 7 years later Clay is still out there and doing wonderful..may I add. He was the cutest thing back when he auditioned for AI. That voice is just perfection. Gotta love him.

    No, I do not watch AI any more. It has changed so much and doesn't have the same story of a contestant auditioning as an amateur and watching the change evolve. Now, they take people with quite a few years under there belt..and it is not the same. I have one word for AI…..Boring!!

  4. I still watch American Idol, but I'm not looking for a new idol. I found my idol7 years ago when Clay Aiken came into my life.

  5. Clay Aiken grabbed me from the very beginning. Other than the beautiful voice, there was just something about him that drew me to him. My instincts proved to be right. The longer I followed him, the more I learned about his humble man. He is the complete package. I'm so proud of him!

    • Same here, Granny!

      I haven't watched Idol since that year, except when one of my kids would say, "You gotta see this!" I just don't care anymore.

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