Clay Aiken – It’s Back To Raleigh

March 12th….Raleigh, North Carolina…….Clay Aiken…..What an exciting combination.

It looks like all Clay Aiken fans will get to see him sing in Raleigh.  Some will get to see him in person and the rest will have the opportunity to see him on the PBS special.  Well, at least that is what we think.

For many of Clay’s fans,  the first time they saw him perform in Raleigh was on the American Idol Tour.  It was an amazing performance and I would imagine an event that Clay will remember forever

While we wait for the details of 2010, why not enjoy a visit to the American Idol performance.  It  is a good way to enjoy the wait.  We have some wonderful pictures.  The videos are not good quality, but thank goodness we have some.  I hope you enjoy them.



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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – It’s Back To Raleigh

  1. What better place to do a PBS special (assuming it is what we thnk it is) than Clay's hometown. I hope he has a great show and I wish I could be there. I sure will watch it though when in runs though and I'm hoping for a tour 🙂

  2. Thank you for these Video's of Clay on AI. I don't believe I have seen them. I didn't even have a computer when I discovered Clay. So, I probably missed some of his performances. Also, what could be more awesome than Clay having another performance in N.Carolina? Hope he has a great audience. Going back to those video's…what an audience reaction to Clay…he must have been overwhelmed by it all.

  3. Thank you for all the videos of the Raleigh AI tour. They bring back such great memories. The news of a musical performance in Raleigh is so exciting. I can hardly wait to see and hear Clay Aiken perform again.

  4. Those videos brought back some wonderful memories of Clay in his hometown. The audience went wild for Clay Aiken. I can't wait till we see him again!

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