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Please go over and read this blog.  It is important.

I am sorry that some people meddle with Clay’s professional life.

Everyone is excited……we need to step back and let Clay lead the way!

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17 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Check Out His Blog

  1. Some not only meddle in his professional life, they meddle in his private life too.

    They need to remember what Clay said to Jimmy Kimmel during his first sit down interview – "Quit digging!"

  2. What a shame that a few pushy, intrusive people went overboard. As a result, we'll all have to wait that much longer for news. Despite that, I'm going to continue waiting patiently until Clay is good and ready to give us more information.

  3. The saddest part of the meddlers is that they will never recognize themselves in Clay's blog. They will always try to justify what they do, just like a few other mentally disturbed people and egomaniacs who believe themselves to be above common sense and reasonable behavior.

  4. I respect and admire you, Clay! and I will always wait until you tell me what you want me to know. I believe good things come to those who wait 😉

    I LOVE Clay Aiken!!1!

  5. I think there are some who should be very ashamed of themselves for their intrusiveness. It is sad that a pal has been put over this exciting time because of that intrusiveness.

  6. Hope the fans who did this will see themselves–but I know that is unlikely.
    Don't blame Clay for feeling a bit "deflated."
    Still excited for March 12 and wish so much that I could be there.

  7. I am fuming, even if I shouldn't be, It was so much fun getting the news in bits and pieces from Clay himself. I actually put an apology on behalf of the OFC fans for what was done even though I don't know who did it and why they felt the need. I've always thought that some of Clay's OTT fans were his worst enemies and now they have spoiled it for the rest of us. Shame, shame on them.____Carole aka IamMesmerized

  8. I am always so shocked when I read that fans interfer with Clay and his team. What is the matter with them. One can only hope they feel foolish…..unfortunately, they probably don't see themselves as the problem.

    Clay………you are one amazing man and I will wait for you to lead the way. I promise I will not try to friend your relatives or friends and I will never call for more information than you have given us.

    Thanks for providing a place where we can vent and discuss.

  9. So sorry to have to read this latest blog. I was very satisfied to wait for the information. I guess some of the fans didn't have patience. I am very excited for everything that is coming in the way of entertainment from Clay. But…I can't help but wonder if it is all his fans..there are many others out there that would like to cause trouble. But, I will stay positive…and I can't wait for "The Best That Is To Come."

  10. It is sad that a few have again ruin things for Clay and the majority of his fans. Will they learn from this? Unfortunately, no. But that said I am still excited about what ever March 12th brings to both Clay and us.

  11. I just wish these few people would learn that Clay would do all he can do for us, if we/they would just stop and think before we/they act. Those few people are how we got the name "rabid Claymates."

  12. It sadens me that Clay wasn't able to announce his big news himself like he wanted. I am still excited and anxiously waiting to hear more.

  13. I am so sad to hear Clay is sounding deflated. This should be such a happy time for him and us. New cd and a new special. Why can't people be happy for what's coming and just let it be? I'm still excited and it's all going to be okay Clay, We're here for you!

  14. Bless his heart – Clay is so patient. I just don't know why anyone would want to go behind his back like that. I'm so disappointed he won't be able to give us the news himself now. I am still excited though!!! Like kta said – it's going to be okay. 🙂

  15. I hope Clay never has to do a blog like this again, but sadly the shameful behavior of a few will continue to exist. I'm wishing Clay will have a change of heart and deliver the news himself via a blog.

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