Clay Aiken – Joy Is Contagious!

It’s been a heck of a day for Clay Aiken and his fans.  There have been so many emotions, good and bad.

Maybe I am a “Pollyanna”, but I am going with the positive side of what is happening.

It has been so wonderful to see the excitement in Clay’s most recent blogs.  He has shown a joy that is contagious.  Clay is giving us something special.  It is easy to look forward to it.

To know that soon Clay will be sharing his music with the world is exciting.  His wonderful spirit and talent, along with his gorgeous voice will inspire, entertain and delight.

Most of Clay’s fans are the most enjoyable and loving people around.  They are fans because they appreciate Clay’s singing.  Some look beyond, seeing what he has done to make the world a better place.  They help each other and they support Clay in both his professional and humanitarian endeavors.  They are amazing people.  Thank goodness there are only a few that don’t understand the boundaries and try to obtain information before anyone else.

Clay is a fascinating man.  Let’s look forward to the coming year and be right here waiting for Clay and the gifts he has for us.

I came across the following video today and want to share it with you.  It takes us back a long way to the Independent Tour.  Do you remember the acoustic medley?  This montage is a great way to see and hear Clay’s beautiful voice and his ability to entertain.  I hope you will watch and enjoy it.


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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Joy Is Contagious!

  1. That video was just beautiful. I never got to go to any of the Independent Concerts…but, I have watched many on video. Clay is the ultimate entertainer. He can sing any type of song with emotion. This really made me yearn for his Special on PBS…and also, for his tours. Just love this man.

  2. I love that video………it really does show Clay and his many talents. Thank you for brining it over.

    I also love the positive vibes from this post. The best is yet to come!!

  3. That video was wonderful. It brings back such good memories. That Clay Aiken is one talented young man. He is so at home on the stage and connects with his audience every time. That takes talent to be able to do that in addition to having a beautiful voice. I can't wait till we see him again.

  4. Joy IS contagious! And Clay Aiken makes me joyful!! Loved the acoustic medley part of the Independent tour. Thanks for the video!!

  5. Thanks for the video. It reminds me of our first trip to NC! He is amazing in voice and personality. What a gift!

  6. This is what it's all about. I'm excited and I'm hopeful for the cd, special and hopefully a tour. Can't wait for it all! Let's go Clay! 🙂

  7. Clay's excitement sure is contagious. I have a really stong feeling the best is yet to come and it'll be here soon. 😀

  8. Clay Aiken's joy is most definitely contagious!! as is his laugh, his smile and his caring heart.

    Thanks for the video and the pictures! Made me smile

  9. Clay’s joy really is contagious. Am so excited and i wont even be 1000 miles of him. I just love clay so much. He is the greatest entertainer of all time.

  10. He looks so young in these pics! Jeez, I sure do love that Clay Aiken guy and am really, really excited about whatever news it is that he'll be sharing with us SOON.

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