Clay Aiken, Slovenia and McDonald’s

Sometimes you just remember certain Clay Aiken performances more than others.  Clay’s visit with Jay Leno on September 15, 2006 is one that is remembered and popular with many fans.

Clay started the promotion for “A Thousand Different Ways” with this appearance on The Tonight Show.  He joined Howie Mandel and had a engaging interview with lots of laughs.  He chatted about passing out in McDonald’s while in Slovenia and getting so ill that he was planning his funeral.

But, the visit was really remembered more for the stunning look that Clay had that night.  There was just something special about the gray suit that made Clay look amazing.

One of my dear friends posted the following pictures today and I am sharing them with you.  I know we have all seen them before, but they are worth another look.  The two videos are pretty awesome too.



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17 thoughts on “Clay Aiken, Slovenia and McDonald’s

  1. lol….that was a classic interview. So funny. He looked really hot and sounded even better. I can't wait till he makes the publicity rounds for this cd. Wonder what shows he will be on? I would hope Tyra, Leno and Kimmell for starters.

  2. Oh, I loved those video's. My favorite outfit. He just looked sooo gorgeous and when he sang "Without You" simpley thudworthy. I have that episode taped..and just recently watched it again. I wish he would appear with Howie Mandell again…they were so funny together. I, too, cannot wait for him to appear on the shows for his PR. So excited for what is coming up!!!

  3. Good God! He looked incredibly delicious on Leno that night!!! Both HOT and vocally stellar, made me want to cry. gaaahhh

  4. I absolutely adore Clay Aiken with Jay Leno – hope we get more of the two of them. So funny, they feed off each other extremely well. Clay was particularly wonderful that night – looked great, funny as hell and sang beautifully!!


  5. I loved watching that video again. Clay looked gorgeous, sang beautifully and was so hilarious!
    He, Leno and Howie played off one another perfectly. I loved the part about the bird flu , the making the sandwich bit and telling his mom to have Ruben sing at his funeral. Thanks again for the memories!

  6. Musicfan,

    Thank you for providing this rewind of Clay Aiken's wonderful performance and interview on the Jay Leno Show. Looking forward to many more!

    Thnx, too, for your kind remarks in the current Carolina blog.


  7. Clay Aiken on this Leno show was just fantastic! Ive just watched that interview several times in the past week and just cant stop laughing. He just cracks me up. What a great comedy routine with Mandel. They are both natural comedians. Oh, the Clay stories are priceless. He is sooo funny! And so damn adorable!! I miss those rings!!!!!! Why doesnt he buy more? They look so cool. especially since he gestures with his hands so much. Wow.

  8. These photos make my heart sing! When Clay talked about going to Croatia and Slovenia I got very interested. My grandparents were born in Croatia and I had planned to visit there "someday". If Clay went for a visit then so could I! I went with my brother & friends in 9/07. What a wonderful time…and all due to Clay.

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