Clay Aiken News Network – 1 Year Old

Monday, January 11, is the first anniversary of this blog.

CANN was started with the goal of keeping you updated on all the Clay Aiken news as it happens.  But the site became more than that.  Other elements have been added to help  keep the site fresh and informative.

Here are some interesting year statistics:

— We have published 530 posts and articles —

— We have 543 subscribers to CANN —

— We have had visitors from over 100 countries —

— We have had 7,948 published comments from readers —

— We have had fun —

From news about David Hyde Pierce to Diane Sawyer… information on bullying to autism… reviews of performances to crazy polls, live reporting from events to exciting memories, we have tried to keep the site interesting and fun.

Deona is the “techie”.  She keeps the site running.  She adds the “bells and whistles” that make this site interesting.

Musicfan123 (that’s me) is the writer.  Research and topic ideas are the most important part of my job.

SueReu is the artist.  She adds so much with her montages and she keeps the videos stream going.

We are all on the west coast.  Deona anad Musicfan123 live about 5 miles away from each other just north of San Francisco.  Being close makes co-ordination easier.  We have tried hard to present a place where all Clay fans are welcome.  Whatever your home board, we hope you enjoy our news.

So………lets celebrate!!  Here’s to 2010 and LOTS of news about Clay Aiken!

Clay Aiken News Network is an unofficial fansite. We are not affiliated in any way with Clay Aiken or his management. This website was made by fans for fans and makes no impression or impersonation of the official site, which can be found under the domain

42 thoughts on “Clay Aiken News Network – 1 Year Old

  1. Congratulations on a wonderful year. I have really enjoyed reading every bit of information. You seem to come up with so many interesting topics………and they are all related to Clay Aiken.

    Thank you for all the time and energy you all put into this site.

    NOW………..CLAY………..we need to get some news from you !!

  2. Happy anniversary/birthday! ;o)

    I visit this blog daily and love it. Thanks to all of the creators! xxx

  3. Yea! Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for all you do. I too visit here everyday to keep me updated on what's going on.

  4. Happy Anniversary Cann

    Congratulations are in order for your one year anniversary. This is a great site to come to, to get accurate news about Clay. You give us the facts in a fun and exciting way. So much background checking, and I love how you tie Clay right into your articles…. It is one of my best places to visit every day…..

    Thank you to all you, for your hard work and dedication to Clay….This is why we are here… Looking forward to more years……I have a feeling you are going to be busy this year…Clay has great things ahead for all of us….and his career….Looking forward to it all….


  5. Happy Birthday CANN. I love this site and come here every day. Keep up the good work..cause evidently it is working.

  6. Wow – its been a year already? Congrats on a job well done and may there be many many more years ahead.

  7. Happy Anniversary CANN! Great job to all involved!! Thanks for being such great supporters of Clay!

  8. CANN Staff,

    Congratulations on your first anniversary! Thank you for your support of Clay Aiken and the news you bring us about his career and humanitarian projects.


  9. Happy One Year Anniversary!!! CANN is an important part of the Clay Aiken fandom. You filled a void and did it with class and style!!

  10. Congratulations on the first anniversary of CANN. You have posted some excellent articles and always have interesting reading. Thanks for your efforts on behalf of Clay and for his fans!

  11. Congratulations CANN on your one year anniversary of keeping Clay Aiken fans up today on all things Clay. You all so a fantastic job! Here's to another great year and a lot of Clay news.

  12. Just want to say happy 1st anniversary of CANN. I visit everyday and enjoy all the new things that are brought here. You've given me an education on so many fun and interesting topics. Keep up the great work, I know its gotta be hard to keep coming up with topics especially when Clay Aiken is mia. Hopefully soon that will all change.

  13. Happy Anniversary CANN! A big thank you to Deona, Musicfan123 and SueReu for a wonderful job. Kudos to all of you!

  14. This is a wonderful site with information that is well researched and as accurate as possible. Congratulations to mamabear, musicfan123, and SueReu. Your hard work is appreciated!

  15. Happy Birthday CANN. Hope to have many many more in years to come. Clay is phenomenal and am sure there will always be something to say about him. I check in everyday just in case something happened when I was sleeping. I can rely on Musicfan123 to keep the ClayNation updated.

    Good stuff to you, SueReu and Deona!

  16. Congratulations on your 1 yr anniversary CANN!! You gals do a
    good job getting all the postive Clay news out there.

  17. Happy Anniversary CANN! I'm always enjoying reading your articles. Thank you so much!
    Please continue to do wonderful work!

  18. Many thanks for all the wonderful information that has been published here. You have written about the music business and important people in Clay's career. I thank you for it all!!

    I like that you don't write about rumors or "fan wars." You are true to the Clay news that is out there.

    I don't post often, howwever, I visit every day. It is the first place I visit every day!!

  19. Hard to believe it's already been a year!! Time just flies by and this site has been a wonderful place for fans to gather. Even without any NEW Clay news, you have celebrated many special moments that we all cherish. I've learned things on your site that I didn't think I even needed to know, but found the knowledge fascinating! You have a wonderful combination of talent and I look forward each day to whatever you have in store for us! Hopefully Clay will help out shortly and provide some NEW news for you to report. Regardless, I stop in several times a day and am never disappointed with what you have put together for us!! Keep up the good work!!!!


  20. Crongratulations on the first anniversary CANN. I visit here everyday and love this site.
    All of you are doing an excellent job….and here's hoping 2010 will be very busy here.
    Thank you for all the wonderful news, articles, videos, and dedication to Clay.:)

  21. Happy Anniversary! Love your site and you all are doing a great job! Keep up the good work.

    Now all we need is for the man himself to show up! So looking forward to what is in store for him and all of us! Yeah for 2010!

  22. Thank you Musicfan123. Thank you Deona. Thank you SueRue.

    Many of us have been coming to CANN for our daily manna for a year now and you have put your heart and soul into providing the best. You have sustained and energised and brought the Clay Nation together. I cannot fathom how much effort and time you have spent. Have you even taken a holiday?

    You should know how very, very grateful and happy you have made many of us for the whole year. Happy Anniversary.

  23. Congratulations CANN!! Deona, Musicfan123 and SueRue… good job. Thank you for your hard work. I never fail to read everything that you publish and play all Clay that you feature. What a wonderful site..thanks again!

  24. Thank you so much, CANN, for your daily connection to Clay and The Clay Nation — it's been a real gift during the horrendous draught we're experiencing. I am particularly grateful since I don't have the time or opportunity to visit the many boards to find out what's going on (especially when "not much" is the answer); but you gals keep me informed. And you do it with class, without ever getting into the nastiness or gossip or negativity that often floats around OMC, by letting let us revisit the past, enlightening us re: info related to Clay, encouraging us about the future, and just plain making us smile . . . . your many efforts are truly appreciated. Congratulations on your first anniversary . . . . and here's to many, many more!

    (And to a 2010 tour!!!)

  25. My congratulations are late but they are sincere. Thanks to all of you who keep this great site going.

    Here's to many many more years!


  26. I can’t thank you 3 ladies enough for the CANN. Each day that I log on to my email, there you are with photos, facts and widgets. Its so much fun to keep up with Clay (even when we don’t know what he’s up to) through all your dedication. I’ve also learned a lot about the music business just by reading your reports. Hope you keep it up for another year (or more).

  27. Congratulations on a WHOLE YEAR of absolute phenominal coverage of Our Man Clay. I have so enjoyed all the articles and polls, not to mention the PICTURES and VIDEOS..Wow we have a Treasure Trove here. I love this place. Can't wait to see what you and CLAY have instore for us this year.

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