Clay Aiken – Missing Persons Report


  • Report Type: Unknown Circumstances
  • Sex: Male
  • Race: White
  • Hair: Depends on the Day
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Height: 6 ft. 01 in.
  • Weight: ?? lbs. (Just right)
  • Date of Birth: 11/30/1978
  • Last Seen: 11/06/2009  San Jose, CA… alleged picture from Germany

  • Dental X-rays Available: Yes


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19 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Missing Persons Report

  1. LOL musicfan! Don't worry, Clay Aiken won't be missing for long!! He's got lots of plans for 2010, and I bet he's just waiting for the right time to share them with his fans! GFI is coming up soon! He can't stay hidden away much longer …. thank heavens!

  2. Musicfan,

    I like your approach to our missing person. Hopefully, the "case" will be solved … SOON! Thank you for posting LCV's video of Clay Aiken.

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Thanks for using my montage musicfan! Where the heck is he????? I hope he knows how much he is missed.

  4. Oh, Clay you are on all our milk cartons and we still can not find you. Come out, come out from whereever you are. It is 2010 and we still have not seen or heard from you. You can hide but we WILL find you. LOL

  5. Loved the video….thanks Musicfan…


    I really do think it is the calm before the storm…..He is not to be found anywhere….????????? WHERE THE HECK IS CLAY AIKEN?????? Oh…but when he returns, it's gonna be fun…


  6. Mr. Clayton Holmes Aiken, where the heck are you and what exactly have you been up to? We want some details or at least a hint or two.

  7. I wonder if CLay even realizes how much we miss him……..This has been a LONG waiit for all of . I know that it wwill be worth the wait, but I really need to hear something!! My mood is getting worse and worse!!

  8. Clay Aiken sure has been quiet for a while. Hopefully the lull before the storm is almost over and GFI will be the beginning of and exciting time for him and for us!

  9. Ha ha ha. I love this. I hope Clay sees this website at some point. He needs to know that his fans are missing him.

  10. I've been looking high and low for him. I called him..and he doesn't answer his messages either. Lol! I think the Man has been very busy working on his new CD and getting everything in order..then he will be back with a bang. Maybe, if we're lucky, the people lucky enough to go to GFI, will find out something. Can't wait for That Man to come back to us. He has been greatly missed!!

  11. omg ohno clay aiken is missing souund the alarm rrrrrr im one of lclays fans and i wish to know where clay is clay i miss you so bad please come back

  12. omg i cant find clay he is missing what ever shall i do my hole life of clay has been swept away and clay is no where to be found sound the alarm rrrrrrrr clay its me pumpkin please come back your fans and my self we miss you

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