Clay Aiken – Teen Idol??

Waiting for news of Clay Aiken can sometimes be  hard.  To pass the time, it has been interesting to recall all the different things that Clay has done throughout his musical career.

While spending some time trying to get my computer more organized, I found some very interesting pictures.  These pictures are all from 2003 and 2004 and are from the popular “teen magazines” of the day.  I found the pictures fun and a reminder of the huge hype that was surrounding Clay when he first came off of American Idol.  Somebody really wanted Clay to be a teen idol!!

Remember J-14?

Then there was Tiger Beat!

There was a magazine called “Pop Star”



My favorite was In Style

Which one do you like the most??


Don’t forget to click on the photo to see it in a larger size!

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  1. I love the pic of Clay standing there, looking down, wearing a suit and tie…Popstar.

    But you know what..I never felt he belonged in those types of magazines… It's like when he was on TRL (sorry..can't even remember the show) ….To me he did not fit. Here was a guy that could actually sing…and that is far from the type of artists that they manufacture for the young kids… IT never seemed to fit his style or what he was about… But that being said…I love being able to see a picture of Clay anywhere…..


  2. My fav is #9 – love the stance and Clay looks closer to his actual age at the time; in several of the others Clay is made to look like a teenager for obvious reasons. 🙂

  3. Yeah, I see Clay a little more sophisticated than a teen idol. He's been through so much the last few years it will be interesting to see how it shapes his new cd.

  4. I always thought it was funny that "the powers that be" thought to push Clay as a teen-idol. It just wasn't the right role for him………..although he was pretty cute!! My kids at school thought he was cute too!!

  5. Just love multiple choice Clay Aiken photos! My favorite from this set is the first Pop Star one. The hairstyle looks great on him and the color appears to be close to his natural one. The photo angle along with his skin tone and facial features — i.e. eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips, smile, and even ears are just about perfect. I like it a lot.

  6. The boy has become a man! What ever happened to all the Teen Mags? Thanks for posting of bit of Clay history.

  7. I like that Clay was the sexiest singer in the inStyle Magazine. I believe he remains the sexiest singer – with no over the top persona, no tight pants, no shtick. He has what truly makes a man sexy – looks, intelligence, humor and heart. Now THAT'S sexy!

  8. I like the picture in Style and the one in Pop Star with him looking down. To me Clay is so real and shines from the inside out!! I agree with Sue. He has all the qualities that make him look good!! Not only the whole package, but the real and sincere one!!

  9. I remember I was at a store and saw that first picture posted here in a magazine, I wanted to buy it so badly but thought people would laugh seeing me buy the magazine with Clay Aiken's picture in it.That would have been my first ever picture of Clay…I wish I had bought it.
    I have hundreds of his pictures now…how he has changed my mind and my actions, a mystery!

  10. I have always loved that pic of Clay with his hands in his pocket, looking down. I agree with others that he has grown into a very sexy man over the years….for so many many reasons.

    • One of my favorites has always been #1. I have that one framed and hanging in my Clay Room…have always liked it but I also like the closeup that says Clay Aiken..never saw that one before! Thanks for sharing these with us! Cookie

  11. The 3rd picture from the bottom has always been a favorite of mine. It was fun seeing those pictures of Clay Aiken again.

  12. I like both the third and fourth pictures of Clay Aiken from the bottom the best. They are all good IMO tho. The camera just loves Clay!

  13. I like both the third and fourth pictures of Clay Aiken from the bottom the best. They are all good IMO tho. The camera just loves Clay!

  14. I believe Clay made the inStyle sexiest singer award more than just one year. Its hard to choose just one photo of Clay. He has changed so much over the last few years…became a man right before our eyes! Thanks for sharing all of these photos. I missed many of them because I was too old to buy "teen" magazines at that time. Ha Ha.

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