Clay Aiken, Paul Young, or Hall & Oates

Clay Aiken, Paul Young, or Hall & Oates

Daryl Hall and John Oates started working together in the early 1970’s and went on to become one of the most successful duos in rock history. They achieved their greatest fame in the late 1970 and the early 1980s.  Their style was an interesting combination of rhythm and blues and rock and roll.

The duo had six #1 hits during their career.  They last reached the pop-charts in 1990 and have slowly disappeared from the public view.

In 1980, the duo released an album called “Voices.”  One of the popular songs on the album was titled Every Time You Go Away. Eleven years later, another young singer hit the pop music scene.  From England, Paul Young  was signed by CBS Records as a solo performer in 1982.

Young’s biggest hit was in 1985, a version of “Every Time You Go Away.”  The song reached #1 on the U.S. pop charts.  Paul performed the song during the London segment of the Live Aid concert.

In 2006, Clay Aiken released his version of the song on his album,  A Thousand Different Ways.  Although it never made it on the radio, the song was a big hit on his tours.

In the  summer of 2007, Clay performed “Every Time You Go Away” on his tour.  He usually  sang this great song after having a wonderful time talking and joking with his audience and back-up singers.  The following video is a great example of good music and a good singer!!


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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken, Paul Young, or Hall & Oates

  1. I use to be a big Hall & Oates fan….loved them back in the day….. I always loved Paul Young's version of "Everytime You Go Away"…. It was better to me than H & O's. When Clay recorded it on ATDW…I absolutely loved his version…. Does the man even take a breath? The notes just roll into each other…his breathing control is amazing….. Now when I listen to Paul's version, it just doesn't even come close to Clay…. Clay just owns that song now… It's unfortunate that most people don't even know about it…..sad….

    I tried to play the video, but it won't play for me???? It says "Embedding enabled by request" ?????Whatever that means….. sorry…the link doesn't work for me…


  2. I love all 3 versions but Clay does something with a song, something to my head, that no one else can do. His vocals are addictive!!

  3. Yes, I sent Musicfan a message. I don't think she realized that Spotlightlover has the embedding feature disabled on her videos. You can click on the link in the video and see it on Youtube though!

  4. Such a fun video! Thank you. Clay always looks like he so enjoys performing and that makes you enjoy the performance even more!

  5. I love Clay Aiken's performance of "Every Time You Go Away." His way of interpreting songs, along with his fantastic voice, is wonderful!

  6. To ME, Clay Aiken's version is the best by far. Now I'm spoiled because of him! I hear the other versions and they just do NOT compare! Funny cos I LOVED the other versions when they were popular…. not anymore!

  7. when paul young sang every time you go away iliked it when clay sings everytime you go away ijust love it along with his amazing voice is inded wonderfull and ilike hall and oats

  8. I love Clay's version of Every Time You Go Away. This is a brilliant song written by Daryl Hall. He was up for a songwriter Grammy in 1985, but that darn We are the World won!. I have been a fan of them since 1978. I love their music and have seen them live many times. The version on their Voices album does not do the song justice. You have to see it or hear the live version.

    Also I must disagree with your comment on them fading away after 1990. They have continued to tour and record albums and have had several adult comtemporary hits. Just like Clay, they just don't get radio airplay anymore. They just released a box set and have gotten great reviews. They are also well-respected by many up and coming musicians. Daryl also can be seen on his monthly webcast, Live From Daryl's House wouldn't it be great if Clay did that?? He collaborates with new and old musicians from his home, its great!

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