Clay Aiken – The Ever-Changing Music Field

With all the research that is done, it becomes more obvious that Clay Aiken looked at the big picture when he signed with Decca, a label in the Universal Music Group.  The world’s largest music group is busy adding partners and business associates to keep in the forefront of the ever-changing music field.

Universal Music Group (UMG) is expanding its line-up of direct-to-consumer mobile content and services for music fans through an agreement with Netbiscuits, the world’s leading mobile publishing platform. The announcement was made on January 28th by David Ring, Executive Vice President of Business Development & Business Affairs for UMG’s eLabs, and Ran Farmer, Managing Director of Netbiscuits Inc.

In their press release UMG stated that… With this agreement, UMG will use Netbiscuits market-leading web software to launch mobile websites and services for UMG’s chart-topping artists. By doing so, UMG will be opening up even more channels of content discovery and delivery to music fans everywhere. Through these artist-branded mobile websites, UMG will offer fans the ability to interact with other fans and to make purchases directly from their handset. Based on the mobile websites, Netbiscuits allows UMG to set up smart hybrid apps for all major platforms, including the iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile devices.

David Ring said:

“Universal is committed to providing consumers with even more engaging interactive opportunities to connect with their favorite artists and music by personalizing their mobile devices. Thanks to the support we are getting from Netbiscuits, we’ll be in an even better position to extend these artist opportunities and products across the widest array of available wireless devices. Through their exclusive technology, we’ll be able to offer consumers truly engaging mobile music experiences that include the chance to generate their own content, leaving comments, uploading pictures, and chatting with each other via these mobile sites. UMG will continue to lead the way in adopting the latest technology to offer fans the most dynamic interactive musical experiences possible.”

In November of 2009, UMG first began working with Netbiscuits when they worked together on the successful launch of the mobile website for Bon Jovi.

Managing Director of Netbiscuits Inc, Ran Farmer commented, saying,

“We’re very excited to help Universal Music mobilizing so many of the world’s most famous music artists All these artists going mobile means to me that the mobile Web today really is a mass market phenomenon. Adding the right mobile commerce strategies and technologies to the mix finally paves the way for real revenues coming from the mobile channel.”

Netbiscuits delivers content for more than 6.000 different mobile devices worldwide. The platform enables a next generation user experience on the latest smart phones and web-enabled phones. For a 360 degree experience, Universal Music will also use the text messaging service suite that is integrated with the Netbiscuits platform to provide music lovers with SMS (short message service) alerts whenever their artist is in town.

So……does this mean that Clay Aiken will be on my phone???  Will Decca let me know when Clay is in town??  I liked the possibilities that…….. “mobile music experiences that include the chance to generate their own content, leaving comments, uploading pictures, and chatting with each other via these mobile sites”……is a part of the package.  It sounds like we can have a lot of fun.

For more information on the topic visit Netbiscuit and Universal Music Group

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Ever-Changing Music Field

  1. I will be interested to see what new distribution/marketing tools Decca will use to get Clay's music out there, both in the US and hopefully worldwide. It's exciting to think where it could go. I'm hoping for all the best for Clay.

  2. You mean he's going to have an album out that people are actually going to know about? Wow! (That's sarcasm cause I'm still ticked over how many didn't have a clue about On My Way Here.)

  3. Interesting article. The music filed changes every day. It looks like this partnership will be a good thing. Artists can't just rely on CD sales, they need all the "extras."

  4. Yes, really hoping they use anything and everything they have in technology to get Clay's music out there. I have faith in Decca already though…because he is getting a show on PBS. Doesn't get better than that.

  5. You always find interesting industry topics to write about. I'm excited to see how Decca with use modern technology to promote Clay.

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