Clay Aiken Is A Smart Man

On Thursday, Clay Aiken showed that he is an astute man who takes care of his fans.  Clay took control of the day.   He gave his fans a project that kept them busy and excited.   Fans didn’t have time to think about “tweets’,  rumors or FaceBook Chatter.  Instead, they worked together, joked, laughed and enjoyed being a fan of Clay Aiken.  Did you come up with some totals for Clay?

It has been seven years since the public was introduced to Clay Aiken.  From the first note out of his mouth, it was obvious that he was a unique and talented young man.   It is almost time for the new page in Clay’s career.  I hope that we can support him by having many days like today where the fans worked together and looked ahead to all the excitement to come.  Are you ready?

A few Clay Aiken pictures are always good………..

Atlanta- The First Look

The Return



The View



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19 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Is A Smart Man

  1. A few Clay Aiken pictures IS good! But A LOT of Clay Aiken pictures is BETTER!!!
    Thank you, musicfan! It was fun to read the responses at the OFC yesterday!
    I'm ready for whatever Clay has in store for us in 2010 and beyond!!

  2. Clay will always be The Teacher. One of the many things that I love about him….
    Yes, he is one smart man.
    Love the pictures.

  3. I love the GMA and the view look. My favorite look for Clay Aiken. Looks like everyone had a good time gathering information. Smart, Smart man.

  4. Lotsa lotsa fun reviewing all the concerts and appearances Clay Aiken has made. No wonder he get tired!!

  5. Smart and clever! It's just one of the many facets of Clay that I adore and admire. That man is so damn sexy!!

  6. Clay Aiken's fans made fast work of his request yesterday. Everyone pulled together and pulled together 7 years of conert, stage and TV appearances. Since we have well documented his career from the beginning it was quite an easy "assignment." What do you need next from us Clay?????

  7. Yesterday was one of the most fun days in a long time at Clay Aiken's fan site. The man sure has done A LOT in the past seven years!! Love him and can hardly wait for the next step for the next seven.

    Thanks for sharing some of the best pictures of him here. He has so many different looks, and all of them verra verra handsome!

  8. I knew we could do it and I use the royal "we" as I didn't do much of anything other than enjoy reading the thread. Sue, I knew you would be the one to come up with the total. Did Jemock's equation help you at all?

    Great pics, Musicfan. Enjoyable blog, as usual.


  9. Thanks for the great Clay Aiken pictures. I bet Clay was impressed with how fast some of the information he asked for was posted.

  10. Clay Aiken has it all. Being smart is just one of his talents. Great voice, knockout good looks, charisma, great personality, perfect comedic timing….I could go on. I loved reading the thread of answers to the questions Clay gave us. I knew it wouldnt take long to reach the total!

  11. It is wonderful to have Clay back. I am sure he was aware that we were still wondering about the schedule. BUT, I bet he wanted the info too.

    Clay is an amazing man and he has the ability to calm us and let us know that everything is OK.

    AND…….I loved the pictures!!

  12. Clay sure knows how to change the subject, doesn't he. I was amazed when all the totals were added up. We sure have been blessed over the past 7 years.

  13. Yes, Clay is a smart man…that is what makes him sooo sexy. It was loads of fun on the Fan Club watching all those numbers appear. I may not have done all the counting…but, it was fun just reading and enjoying all the fun.

    Love those pictures. I like the GMA and The View ones a lot. Clay is certainly a very handsome and talented man. He's got IT all in Spades!!!

  14. I love him. What better way to get us excited for the future than with a celebration of how far he's come.

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