Clay Aiken

to each Clay Aiken fan who is trying for good seats
at the Memorial Auditorium
for a concert by
Clay Aiken

I thought I would post two videos to remind us of what we will be seeing.  Although these songs are from the Jukebox Tour, it is still that wonderful voice and that amazing young man.  Enjoy!!

Let us know when you get your tickets!!

I Can’t Make You Love Me

Back For More

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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken

  1. Yes, Good Luck everyone who is facing Ticket Stess today!!!!! Feels like old times!!!

    This is so much fun, and there is really nothing better than going to a Clay Aiken concert…he just shines on that stage….I can't wait to get my little hands on my ticket as well….


  2. All they seemed to have available were Mezzanine seats when I called, and knowing how poor these seats are in that venue, I passed. Maybe I will get lucky closer to the showdate, if some seats open up. Otherwise, there is always watching the special on PBS.

    I am really not happy that the show is playing Memorial, with all of its accoustic problems. If you can't sit near the front, you are much better off not going at all. Sorry to be a rainy cloud. I hope others got much luckier than I did.

    • Sorry that you are disappointed. Interesting that the others that I have talked to about the auditorium say that it is wonderful and that we will be very happy. I have three friends who have gone to many concert there and love it. Maybe you had a bad experience.

      Honestly, I am just glad I have tickets……I will be in the same place as Clay and I will hear his wonderful voice in concert. I feel lucky even when my tickets aren't as great as I wish there were.

      • That is interesting musicfan. I also heard that the sound there is great and that there isn't really a bad seat in the house. Christina must be thinking of a different venue.

      • I wish that I lived close enough to go to this wonderful event, but circumstances won't allow me to go… I would not care if the sound was bad or the venue was bad(which looks very classy to me)….it is Clay Aiken for goodness sakes! xD

    • I have also heard that the sound is very good at the Memorial Auditorium. It is a beautiful place and I know that Clay's concert will be spectacular.

    • dang, I didn't know you could CALL??? all that time I was throwing tickets back :-/ well crud!!!

      I'm happy to report that I got my tickets!! Yipee!!!! It's BETTER than going to Disneyland 😀

  3. Congratulations to everyone that was able to get tickets. Many of us will be anxiously waiting for your reports after the concert is over and the airing of the TV special in June. Hope you all have a wonderful time in Raleigh

  4. I am happy I have tickets and very excited to be seeing Clay performing live in the flesh again! Oh, there is going to be excitement in the ClayNation Friday!!

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