Clay Aiken – Can You Paint?

Clay Aiken………your artistic skills are needed.

How are your painting skills??  Do you know someone else who is a creative artist??  OR……maybe you know a group of kids who would like to participate in a special project.  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, The National Inclusion Project has a great idea for you.

Named “Painted Bottoms,” the project is a creative fundraiser which allows an individual or a team to turn an unfinished oak rocker or chair into a fine work of art.

The finished chairs will be placed in one of the four categories and judged by a team from the Project.  The best chair from each category will be a part of the silent auction at the Champions Gala.  The best overall chair will be signed by Clay Aiken and be a part of the live auction at the Gala.

The four categories are:

  • Fan
  • Inclusion Awareness
  • Regional/State
  • Creative/Open

Any chair that is not chosen to come to the Gala can be used however you choose.  The National Inclusion Project suggests that you auction off your chair locally to help raise funds for the Project.  You also might choose to donate your chair.  If so, a brass plaque is available for $15 that can be mounted on the back of the chair.  It will say:

Donated on behalf of the National Inclusion Project

There are two goals for this project.  First, it is a wonderful way for the National Inclusion Project to raise some needed funds for all their wonderful programs.  All proceeds from the sale of the chairs, plus the money from the auctions will benefit the Project.

The second goal of this program is to spread the word of the fine work that is done by the National Inclusion Project.  The chair will give you the opportunity to talk and spread the word about inclusion and the wonderful programs that are a part of the National Inclusion Project.

So………..are your creative juices flowing?  Are you ready to sponsor a chair?  If so, contact

The National Inclusion Project for more details.

According to their website:

The National Inclusion Project serves to bridge the gap that exists between young people with disabilities and the world around them. We support communities with inclusive programs and together create awareness about the possibilities that inclusion can bring.

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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Can You Paint?

  1. What a creative idea for a wonderful fund raiser………besides making money, it allows us to explain more about inclusion.

  2. This is neat. I wonder if I can find a group of kids that would like to do this.

    Thanks for the information.

  3. I hope some people will get involved in this worthy project. I however, haven't a creative bone in my body. The only painting I can do is the walls.

  4. What an innovative, fun idea! Clay Aiken and his team have some very creative ways to get people involved and supporting the National Inclusion Project! Can't wait to see the finished chairs!

  5. That's a great idea. It is a fun thing for someone to do and also support The National Inclusion Project.

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