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Video from  Pam’s Blog

This is a wonderful site.  Please visit and read all she has to say.

This is just a quick note to let you know we will share information about Clay Aiken’s speech at the Human Rights Campaign as we get reports.  Please remember that these are all from someone’s eyes.  None of the Red reports are anything but a report from a phone call.

So far we know:

Clay is the second speaker after the dinner.

They are on the salad course and giving out some awards as they eat!

Clay has a guest with him tonight – Reed is there.

Clay is wearing a dark suit and is looking very handsome!

Clay’s hair is very neat parted to one side

From Clay’s speech

“The power of truth and living honestly is very liberating.”

“We’ve been waiting on the laws to change… the time for waiting has passed.”

19th Amendment that gave women the right to vote: “It was about damned time.”

Civil Rights Legislation: “It was about damned time.”

Matthew Shepherd Act: “It was most certainly about damned time.”

He said “all men and women are created equal EXCEPT MY SON – HE’S  BRILLIANT!”

No matter how people try to stop us they won’t succeed because our side is the side that is right & fair.

We’re moving the ball down the field.

He preceded it with: Sorry for the sports analogy

He called the Wake County School boards idiots……… again

This is Pam, the blogger.  She wrote:

Clay took the stage and delivered a heartfelt address with a great deal of humor about his coming out — on a magazine cover, noting we were probably thinking “It’s about damn time.”

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22 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Human Rights Campaign

  1. I just listened to the speech and he was so good, articulate, funny, and right on point. Clay Aiken should deliver more speeches. Meredith Baxter was outstanding. I haven't heard her yet, but I have been reading the excerpts.

  2. Clay Aiken was amazing. Wonderful speech – very heartfelt, funny and uplifting!!! I'm so glad he wrote his own speech – he can tell his story better than anyone. You go Clay!!!

  3. I listened to the speech and The people there were also enjoying it. Clay Aiken is a natural communicator.

  4. Have not heard the speech yet, but Clay Aiken is very articulate and I am sure the speech was great!

  5. I am so happy that Clay feels free to be himself. It has been a struggle for him and I believe he has found happiness. I am proud to be a fan of such a well spoken, articulate and intelligent man. Oh yes and he can SING!

  6. Musicfan,

    Thank you for the RED reports of Clay Aiken's speech at the Human Rights Campaign Gala in Raleigh tonight. Clay certainly made the point that with every positive step for human rights, "It was about damn time!"


  7. As someone said who was there, ""he looks comfortable". I'm happy that Clay Aiken is in that good place.

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the coverage of this event. I am so proud to be a fan of Clay Aiken.

  9. What a wonderful speech and Clay Aiken looked so comfortable. I loved the fact that he wrote the speech himself.
    Thank you CANN for posting the wonderful video.

  10. Thank you for posting the video of Clay's speech. Clay did a wonderful job delivering his message.

  11. Concise, humorous, well thought out and right on the money. That's Clay Aiken. He is right about one thing…It's about damned time that there are equal rights for every citizen in this country. It's long overdue! Great video. Thanks!

  12. What a great speech. I expected Clay Aiken would do a good job and he didn’t disappoint. But then, he never does disappoint – he rises to the occasion every time IMO. What a class act he is. I’m so proud of him!!!

  13. I just watched the video and it was so forthright and hopeful. I am so glad that Clay is finally free to be himself. I love what he said about Parker. He is a proud papa. I also agree,everyone should have equal rights…and I hope I see that coming in the near future.

  14. i just watched the video and it was amazing and hopefull im glad and pleased that clay aiken is finely free to be himself and i did indedloved what he said about his son parker he sure is a pround father and i do also agree that everyone should have equal rights

  15. What I love so much about Clay Aiken he is a man with CLASS he always knows how to present himself in a very natural way, you can see he is happy with himself. he is free of all the gossip and speculations he had to endure a few yrs. back. I wrote Clay 3 yrs. ago a personal letter (befor he came out ) and said that I feef his personal life is no ones business bud his own I still feef that way. Clays music is what fascinated me in the first place, and still does.

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