Clay Aiken Is In The House

Just a quick post to update the golfing event.

The golfers are trying to go ahead with the tournament.  Almost all of them decided to play.

The brunch was wonderful.  The golfers went to attend the workshop, but decided that it would be better inside.  It was great and very funny stories… probably better than usual.  Clay was then called up and he said that they were putting their heads together as if they were at summer camp on a rainy day… maybe they could all make pot holders.  Well, they did come up with some alternatives, The Mirasol is trying to help out too.  They opened the swing analyzer for the players.  Clay also mentioned that some might want to play poker and they could do that in the lounge.  He also said they will still take pictures and then if anyone wants, he will sit and chat with whoever wants to.  I guess maybe I should have signed up to play golf.  I might have gotten a nice conversation.

After all that, most of the players decided to play.

Clay looked healthy, happy and casual.  His hair is short and the color is as I would think his real color is.  I took some pictures with my cell phone, but the back lighting is horrible so they are dreadful.  I will post them, but I say “sorry” ahead of them.

When I get more news I will post!!

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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Is In The House

  1. Thanks for the pictures. The backlighting just enhanses Clay. Maybe the golfers could play WII Golf if the weather stays bad and they want to get some swings in. 😉 But in all seriousness, I hope the heavy rain stops and there is no lightening so that NIP can carry on with their plans.

  2. can't wait for MORE!!! Sounds like Clay Aiken and everyone involved had some good ideas in case the tournament was rained out (I think I would have played poker)

  3. It is great to see photos of Clay Aiken at Golfing for Inclusion. Thank you for sharing with us the happenings at the Round Table discussions.

  4. The pictures of Clay Aiken look wonderful. He looks happy and healthy, now if we can get some close ups, I'd be a happy camper. I hope everything works out and that the GFI raises lots of money for the kids.

  5. Hey…I'll take those pictures. After all, they are Clay. Well, I hope it works out with the golfing. I live in Florida..and believe me I know how it can get when we get these storms off the Golf. Can't wait for the festivities later today..and I hope they make out really good for the NIP.

  6. Thanks so much for the pictures of Clay Aiken.
    It sounds as if he is making the best of the weather. I am sure the folks that are there will have a good time even if they don't get to golf very much. Honestly, I would just rather sit and chat with Clay if I had the choice.

    I hope that the whole event is a huge succes and raises a ton of money for the National Inclusion Project.

  7. Clay is talking and everyone else in the pictures I can see are on cell phones or taking pictures. I thank those who are there and think of those of us who aren't.

  8. Thanks for the pics of Clay Aiken and the update on what is going on. Even if the weather wasn't cooperating, it sounds like the golfers didn't let the rain stop them. I hope everyone is having a good time.

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