Golfing For Inclusion Reception and Dinner

Musicfan is sending me pictures from the dinner. I will be posting them here as I get them. Keep checking back!

Some text messages sent by Musicfan from the event:

At the golf event
Clay jerome and reed all here

Clay is sitting with reed at dinner

[flgallery id=10 /]

New message:

Diane just got a standing ovation


Recap from the cellcert posted on Clayversity:

Clay is talking about NIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They will increase their participation Talking abnout Wrapping for Inclusion

Wrapping for Inclusion made $35,000 to date

Talking about his excitement with their progress.

Talking about the “power that you guys have” in helping inclusion. We’re important, Diane is speaking said “Really, Clay” you know we wouldn’t be here without you

He’s talking about the various ways outreach is occurring for “National Inclusion Project”, keeps bringing it back to the fans and audience. Talking about the “power you have in making this work for all of us”. He sounds so appreciative.

Clay holding u a check for $15K for the Florida Alliance Camp

Diane Bubel is talking about having a child with disability and without and how sometimes children with disabilities don’t want to have therapy or special treatment but just want to participate or do things like other children. Talking now about how a child can use a bow and arrow like other children with assistance so the child can do things with other children and the other children can see that the disabled child can do the same things. Looking into the audience and seeing how the audience is full of different people and says there was a time when women were isolated, poor children were isolate, but programs accommodated the need for change. Talking about how the color of people’s skin used to keep people apart, but disabled still are sometimes kept apart…diversity is a great thing.

They are showing a video now so no one is speaking.

Auction is starting. 10 items plus Clay may offer something if you’re interested. LOL

The auctioneer is teasing the audience saying that if they bid fast, Clay will be on singing sooner.

First auction is golfer Player wine bottles.

The auction is starting. The auctioneer is teasing the audience saying that if they bid fast, Clay will be on singing sooner. I think he’s making them exercise their bidding arms (?)

Gary Player donated a case of wine from Scotland??

Golf for 4

Island Getaway

6 day cruise but I am not sure what size ship, etc. Caribbean

$2100 for the cruise

Now a 2010 South African experience from Player I believe

Exclusive stay at Wayne Player’s South African home – includes safari, golfer, etc.

$10,000 opening bid. Wow for 2 people

It went for $11,00 for 2 people.

Now tickets to the Masters Golf Tournament includes hotel and private dinner with private chef.

Clapping (video over)
Jerry–as clay mentioned early, economic times are tough –esp. for families with children with special needs. Joe the auctioneer is not here–says he and Clay together are entertainment in themselves. Say he’ll try to do it. The raffle is a 32 inch flat screen. Taylor spinning and they’ll draw a number to see who puts the TV in her luggage–Diane C.
She lives in Miami. Says that works out great. Speaking of birthday, I would be remiss if I didn’t say we had 2 granddaughters born in 2008 and today is the first grandchild’s birthday. Some things donated. Some items may be added. Mixture of foundation/Clay related and some Wayne-related. Starting with one of the largest. Online bids and Aron will identify when they get to the online bid. First item is a voice-message greeting on your mobile phone. Starting bid online was $1000–Clay’s voice. Says the long lady who bought this before is present–asks if she needs it refreshed. Bidding—starts at $1000, no one. $10,000. Asks about $5, $50, got a $1000 bid. Asking for $1500. Online bid is $1500. Says Clay will say whatever you’d like to write–very business-like or personal. Clay doesn’t care because he won’t be listening. Got $2000. Excellent! . Asks if someone is just scratching or rubbing her head. Ok–went for $2000, but says there are TWO people–ok, moving up to $2100. $2200. $2300. $2400. $2500. Come on, it’s only another $100 dollars. $2500. sold.

CLAY is talking

VOICE MAIL MESSAGE He is being the auctioneer



He is talking about all the dinners and he enjoys them.

His social calendar is busy right now.

Opening bid FIVE DOLLARS

Reed raised his hand.

He’s being hilarious talking about going to dinner, not everybody just you and me. Everytime we do a dinner we have a nice time. Dinner with Clay for $10 2,000 so far Someone is bidding from NJ

$14,000, 15, 16, I’m gonna keep saying the number over and over so it sounds smaller. Sold for 16 K

He is sitting down now and talking about about inclusion and it’s odd to raise money for it. Guilty asking for me. Starting to sing!


Sounds that’s a voice. I Can’t Take My Eyes off of YOU.

Now upbeat “I love you baby”!!!!!!!


How much will you give for the foundation for a song you want me to sing. Ben doesn’t know it.

He is asking people to give money to the foundation and he will sing anything you want – pick a song, he will sing it anyway you want.

You Can’t Take That Away from Me Someone is paying for it. HES SINGING!

HALLELUJAH OMG!!! He is trying to figure the words out. Ben is just playing off the top of his head.


Lover All Alone

Mack the Knife is on the album but he’s not going to sing it.

Clay gave money to NIP if Jax would sing. He;s dancing behind her while she sings. He is giving $1K. FORGET I EVER KNEW YOU

I Will Be Here…………..OMG

SACRIFICIAL LOVE $5,000 for him to sing it

That’s the last song

He added one more

It’s Impossible

MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moon River

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  1. Thanks for the pictures and the report. I can't wait to see the Clack. There is nothing like seeing Clay Aiken performing and/or interacting with the fans and the audience. He's a natural!

  2. Thankyou for all of the wonderful pics and recaps!! I love Clay Aiken and I hope the NIP raised a respecatable amount of $$$!!!

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