Clay Aiken – Songs That Strike Passion

Nobody sings a love song better than Clay Aiken.  He has the ability to make us fall in love over and over again.

The best love songs are in the heart of the beholder. Songs that strike a cord of passion, belonging, and self expression are the ones that end up being your favorites. The very second a song starts playing will most likely identify an instant in time when you were either falling in love, deeply in love, or falling out of love.

It takes a great artist and great lyrics to be a source of inspiration and expression.  The combination is an influence on your emotions which help to decide what the best love songs are for you.

There is a love song for every genre of music. From hard rock to the oldies and gospel, there is a limitless amount of music to choose from to celebrate the love in your heart.

What are your favorite love songs of all time that you would love to hear Clay Aiken sing? Are they classics or contemporaries? Maybe you like a ballad or one with a dance beat. How about country or pop or rock?

We did such a good job of putting together a list of Christmas songs that I am sure we can come up with a great selection of love songs for Clay to sing.

Please list your top three or four love or romantic songs that you would like  Clay to sing. It doesn’t matter if he has already recorded them or if they are new to him.  And try not to read the comments until you list your own selections.  Of course, if you post four songs today and then think of the very best, just add it in another comment.

If you have the time, why not share why you like the songs.  Also, have you kept one favorite song for years or do your favorites change over time?

Let’s give ourselves one week to compile our list so the deadline is Saturday, February 13th.  I will list the winners on Valentine’s Day.

Have fun and let’s be creative.

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57 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Songs That Strike Passion

  1. Last minute, but I love these…
    1 First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
    2 Always On My Mind
    3 To Love Somebody
    4 The Very Thought Of You

  2. For the past 6 days that we all have been posting our request, it looks as if "To Love Somebody"
    by the Bee Gees has won out and not by any surprise to me. That was Clay's best performance
    on Idol and by far better that any other contestant has ever performed. Even Simon, Himself,
    agreed at the time. I do wish Clay would record that song, I believe Robin Gibb would be
    happy for him to record their song. Go for it Clay!!!!!

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