Clay Aiken: Interview with Lynda Loveland

Lynda Loveland from MIX 101.5 WRAL-FM interviewed Clay Aiken this morning. Here is the interview!

Interview with Clay Aiken

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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken: Interview with Lynda Loveland

  1. That was a great interview! Lynda has been a good friend to Clay Aiken. She has also been very supportive of the National Inclusion Project. Clay seems very comfortable in interviews with both Lynda and Bill.

  2. Glad I finally got to hear that interview. I never could get it to play on the WRAL Site. Yes, Lynda has been a good friend to Clay and she is usually very involved in the National Inclusion Project too. It is nice that Clay has so many good friends. Thanks again for that interview..I enjoyed listening to it.

  3. Thanks for posting the interview with Clay and Lynda. I was in Raleigh for the concert, but had no idea what radio station to listen to or what time to tune in. The concert was wonderful, as usual, and worth the long drive (8+hrs).

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