Clay Aiken – PBS Special News

BONEAU/BRYAN-BROWN has removed the information about the PBS Special from their blog site so,

at this time,  I have chosen to remove the information.

It is far better to be safe than to pass on news that may not be accurate!

BUT……..Pictures are always good!!

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14 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – PBS Special News

  1. Sue……….I agree with you………….it's good to hear about it, but I don't want to wait until August. I also hope this doesn't change the drop of Clay's CD.

  2. Well..I really didn't want to hear that…..But, looking on the Bright Side, we will have the Clay & Ruben Concerts to keep us occupied.

  3. We wait again…..but good we get the RIGHT info for sure! Cd in June is a long enough wait! Want the best for Clay Aiken !! Hoping 2010 is GREAT!!!!

  4. Good responsible reporting Musicfan123, better safe then sorry. I don't know what to hope for. I want the concert to air on PBS close to cd drop date so it can maximize sales but if that would mean waiting for August for the cd…..eesh nope 🙂

  5. I was really looking forward to the PBS special in June, but if they delay it till August, so be it. IMO, whatever is the best for Clay Aiken is what is important.

  6. Pictures are always good. He looked almost as amazing as he sounded at the taping.

    Looking forward to a lot of Clay this year. Hopefully the PBS special will not conflict with a tour date.

  7. I missed the news about the possibility of August and also the name of the Special…can someone fill me in?


  8. Well, that's good that you took that information off. I thinks its best to wait for information like that through Team Clay. Anyway, pictures are always good, especially if they are of Clay.

  9. Hopefully we'll get some concrete info on the air date soon. I really want the PBS special to air in June. I know after seeing it a lot of people will be buying concert tickets. It'll be such a shame if Clay can't use the special to promote the tour.

  10. I saw Clay in Concert in Raleigh,NC when he taped his special for PBS. Everyone is in for a great show. I can't wait to see and hear the concert again . It was wonderful.!!!!!!!

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