Clay Aiken – Another Video From International Media

It’s Monday and we got a new video that celebrates the PBS Special.  It is wonderful!  Thank you to International Media!!

We will be watching for more news today so check in often.

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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Another Video From International Media

  1. Anxiously Right Here Waiting for both the cd and the pbs special. The clips I've seen and heard have convinced me that Clay Aiken is taking these classic standards, while respecting the original artist's interpretation, doing them his own unique version.

  2. Finally hearing the "note" in Unchained Melody" or at least a part. Love listening to all the snippets. June 1 can't get here too soon.

  3. He's just soaring on these clips, especially UM. My god that note is and that's not even THE note is chilling.

  4. WOW!!! I NEEEEEEEEED your love! I have a feeling when this is played on PBS…there won't be a person left alive. I just about died when I heard it. Can.not.wait for the CD and the PBS Showing of this amazing show.

  5. WOW…what a note…and that is only part of it…. I remember after the concert saying that it was one of those moments, when you don't know what hit you…. I remember thinking "What the heck was that"? And in a Good Way!!!!!!! I think a lot of us were waiting for the normal ending, and Clay changed it up, and caught us completely off guard…IT WAS BRILLIANT….. Oh..I cannot wait to see the PBS Special……

  6. What I would have given to hear UM live! That note.. the 30 seconds we have been given is astounding!! I can't wait to hear this song in it's entirety..

  7. wow amazing what a note that was clay changed that he just right now caught me off guard it sounded brillant

  8. Wow! I so wish I would have seen PBS taping live! Cannot wait till it airs! He sounds so fantastic with his interpretation of the songs. He "made them his own", as Paula would say. Sorry for mentioning that, but it just popped into my head just now.

  9. Clay Aiken never ceases to amaze does he? He hits notes I didn't think were possible. He's one
    of those singers just gives you the chills to listen to him. Absolutely amazing. Going to be a great Aiken summer. Nothing like some Clay Aiken live to get the heart beating,FAST!

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