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Sometimes you just know it is going to be a good day.  And, after a weekend of little news, Clay Aiken fans were ready for a good news day.  Monday didn’t let them down.  Yes, it was a good day!

The National Inclusion Project announced the date and many of the details of the 2010 Champions Gala.  Be sure and put October 16th, 2010 on your calendar and plan on attending the Gala at the Raleigh Convention Center.

To make the event more special for the VIP attendees, there will be a reception on October 15th at 7pm.    By breaking into another evening, there will be more time to meet with the staff of the Project and spend a bit more time with Clay for a question and answer section.  Pictures will also be taken that evening.

VIP tickets and tables will go on sale May 25th.  Be sure and call early so that you can be a part of the fun.  The plan is to have special activities throughout the weekend.

For more information, visit the National Inclusion Project web site.


Monday brought exciting news regarding Clay’s PBS Special because Clay is lucky enough to have a wonderful fan that actually works for the PBS station in Chicago.  The following is what she posted on Monday:

As you know, Clay’s special is premiering on PBS in August. But the show is actually airing on ONE U.S. station in June: WTTW in Chicago. Yes, my station. As a result of a major selling job I undertook when I landed back at work after the Raleigh taping (an endeavor that involved browbeating, threats, groveling and the relinquishment of any future offspring *g*), my station’s VP of pledge obtained the rights to “preview” the special before the rest of the country.

So, viewers in the Chicago area will be able to see it live on WTTW (Channel 11) on Saturday, June 12 at 7:00 pm CDT. And anyone in the U.S. and Canada — and presumably, anywhere else — will be able to call or go online once the show starts and pledge for the DVD and (I think) a couple of versions (physical or digital download) of the CD with additional tracks. Which means that you won’t have to wait until August to order, although whether you’re going to pledge in June or not, it’s vitally important that you pledge your local stations when they broadcast the show in August if you possibly can. Clay’s show needs to do well all over the country, not just here! (I have a feeling I’ll be reminding you of this again later. *g*)

Right now, it looks like the CD will go for $55, the DVD for $75, and the CD and DVD together will pledge at $125. Closer to the broadcast, I’ll provide you with the phone number and URL. Please do me a favor and don’t contact my station looking for additional info — our Customer Service reps are underpaid and overworked as it is. *g* If there’s something you need to know, just ask me and I’ll try to answer.

One of the fans at the OFC did have a few questions about contacting their local PBS station regarding the special.  The questions and answers follow:

Question:  PinkArmchair I don’t know if you can answer this..but some people have been saying that not all the PBS stations are going to hear the special. I was just wondering if you heard anything like that and why wouldn’t all the PBS stations air it?

Answer:  Personally, I think that’s a bit premature. The stations may be hedging their bets, waiting until after the June airing to commit, or they haven’t programmed August yet. It’s early to be doing that. So I wouldn’t panic just yet.

Question:  For me (and it’s probably just me) there’s nagging concerns in the back of my head about calling/contacting my local PBS station to find out if this special is going to air (memories of radio stations in bygone years). What do you recommend?

Answer:  I would wait until after Clay Show airs here in June. I have a feeling the answer might be different than if you called before!

Thank you, Pink Armchair.  You are a special lady and Clay is lucky to have such a devoted fan.

Speaking of special ladies, Fountaindawg is well known in the ClayNation for both her artist graphics and her generosity in sharing them with all the fans.  She just made a wonderful new wallpaper using the sensational screen caps and photos of Clay.

A few more talented fans made some screen caps of the newest video published by International Media.  They are a great way to put a smile on your face.

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – News, News, News!!!

  1. Sure wish I lived in Chicago. I'm jealous of those that get to see it first, but it'll be worth waiting for.

  2. Thrilled that the PBS special will air in Chicago in June. Hope Clay Aiken brings in tons of pledges. Cannot wait to see it in my area.

    Hoping that this will be the year I get to go to the gala.

  3. So glad to hear that he will get a PBS Special shown in June. It will be good PR for his album. About contacting PBS to see if they will air his special..I haven't contacted them at all. I sometimes think it is not a good idea to flood them with calls. We will know soon enough.

  4. So glad Clay's special is airing in June. Wish I still lived there, but I stil have family there and they are all ready for the special. Hopefully this will bring in so many new fans for him. This is an album everyone should be exposed to….absolutely beautiful.

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