Clay Aiken – The Voice Says It All

This past week was the anniversary of the Season 2 Finale of American Idol.  Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard both sang with emotion and wonderful vocal skills.  Who won that night?  Most think they both won.

As we anticipate more news about Clay and his upcoming CD titled Tried and True,  lets have some fun.

There are two videos that I think represent Clay Aiken and his amazing talent.  First, lets go back seven years to one of the most beautiful performances in AI history. Clay’s performance of Bridge Over Troubled Water sets the standard for all the performances on American Idol.  The other video is the International Media release of Clay’s upcoming PBS special.  This video is another benchmark in Clay’s remarkable career.  Clay may be 7 years older, but his voice and talent were there from the beginning and still shine today!  Enjoy!

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  1. Ill never forget finale night and "Bridge." Clay blew me away with his performance of that song! I think Clay won for sure! Thanks for the great blog!

  2. I just watched the AI2 finale this afternoon. Clay's spectacular rendition of "BOTW" still affects me. I was in tears. That was THE best performance on Idol ever.

  3. I agree with BOTW being the best ever performance. He nailed that song, and truly made it his own. Best rendition ever… And it is true, Clay just keeps getting better and better. Maybe the word is polished… He has a voice like no other, he's funny on stage, and you always feel like you're sitting in the living room with him. He draws you in.. He really is amazing.

    • Judy, I agree with everything you said.. you took the words right out of my mouth. WHAT an ENTERTAINER he is. I have been blessed to see him several times.. each time better and better! He is SO MUCH FUN. You are so right in that you do feel like you are all just in this huge living room and joking and having fun with him.. LOVE THIS MAN!

  4. Ruben Studdard may have won that American Idol battle but post-season 2 Clay Aiken continues to come in first.

  5. On the American Idol Season 2 Finale when Clay sang "Bridge Over Troubled Water" it was truly a spectacular event. But, now when I see him on the PBS Special he is a more mature, polished singer/performer. He just absolutely shines in Concert..not only with his voice..but, with his wit and humor and personality. What a true Measure of a Man.

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