Clay Aiken – Calm, Cool, Collected…and Cute Too!

If you are a Clay Aiken fan, you knew that he was going to be a guest on Chelsea Lately, the chatter show on the E Network.  And, if you were a fan, you probably knew that Clay would be calm, cool and collected on the show that is well-known for its raunchy talk.  Wait…….can we add cute to the description of Clay’s appearance.

Having never seen the show before, I would assume that Chelsea Handler was somewhat laid-back in her conversation with Clay.  However, it was seeing Clay in a different situation and he really looked relaxed and happy.

What did you think of the Clay’s appearance on Chelsea Lately??

We are lucky to have the videos of Clay’s part of the show.  I hope you enjoy the show!!


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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Calm, Cool, Collected…and Cute Too!

  1. I really don't know this Chelsea woman…but had heard that she is nasty…

    Clay really was charming and funny…and as always…it's always great to see him on tv.


  2. I knew he could overcome any possible crap. I was ready for anything and I'm sure he was as well.
    In the end, he was charming, comical and gorgeous!!! Kudos to Clay! 🙂

  3. I wasn't anxious to watch this show because I've heard how crass Chelsea is. I knew Clay could hold his own against ANYONE, but I was dreading watching the show. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the interview went. (And Clay was drop-dead gorgeous!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!) I was uncomfortable at th little girl's involvement tho. I wonder what Clay was thinking when he saw her on there!

  4. Only recently i get to go online to watch u tube on clay aiken and i love him instantly & naturally although i never had the chance to watch AI season 2. He is genuinely such a nice guy and i sympathize and empathize his situation having to face with so many challenges and harsh interviews with the media and people. To me, he is such a soft,gentle & humble guy and he deserves some privacy in his private life. I like him more now that he finally finds it the right timing to disclose his sexuality. I find some of the interviewers are so insensitive in asking him about his sexuality as if it was wrong per se being a gay. What is so wrong with being born gay, he and the other gays did not choose to be gays. Can’t the non-gays be more sensitive and understanding? I like Clay for being truthful and honest and his fatherhood makes him more adorable and sexy. I support Clay in everything he is doing and for being himself and being a sensitive human being. I am going to buy his CDs – he is so talented and emotional in his songs. Love him – New fan from overseas. <3 🙂

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