Clay Aiken – Top Ten Finish Again!

Idol Chatter is the internet site from USA Today that reports about all the former American Idols.  It’s reporter, Brian Mansfield wrote about many Idols today.

According to Brian, Clay Aiken’s new CD titled Tried & True sold 22,000 copies in its debut week.  Brian got this information from the latest Nielsen Soundscan numbers.  With the placement of #9 in sales this week, Clay has made a top ten finish in debut weeks with all his mainstream albums.  There are not many people who can claim those numbers.

The following is what Brian had to say:

Clay Aiken pulls a Top 10 debut for his standards album last week, according to Nielsen SoundScan, as Tried and True enters The Billboard 200 at No. 9 with 22,000 sales.

Fans of Clay Aiken have been discussing the lack of albums in stores this last week.  Most have not been able to find hard copies of the album.  Would Clay have sold more if the albums were available at Target, WallMart or BestBuy?  Did you have trouble finding the album?

To read the entire article on Idol Chatter, click HERE

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Top Ten Finish Again!

  1. Way to go Clay…..This is Clay's baby, and am so proud of him…This CD is fantastic.

    I see he's also placed #2, on the top downloaded CD's….PRETTY COOL!!!!!!


  2. I think it's amazing considering he doesn't get any promo on Idol or radio and it's his 7th year.
    I'm thrilled with top 10 so I hope he's thrilled as well.
    Checked at two Walmarts and found only two basic cd's at one of them.
    Even my deluxe cd from Amazon is delayed until August 3-6th.
    Thank goodness for Itunes!

  3. I had a hard time finding this cd. Fortunately I had ordered it from Amazon also. I am glad I did. It is such a great cd. I am glad Clay is in the top 10 and 2nd for downloaded music.

  4. I have going from shop to shop searching for the album and their replies are always the same – not here yet.It has been 10 days since the release and I really wonder when and how long more it is going to take to reach overseas markets.

  5. I ordered my CD from Amazon. It's a good thing because when I checked at our local WalMart I couldn't find ANY. I'm amazed that it sold as well as it did and I'm elated that it is in the top 10 and No. 2 on downloads! I think it would have sold much better if it wasn't so hard to find. It's a wonderful CD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Was thrilled that he made the top ten. Of course he is #1 with me!

    I found one lonely "Tried and True" at WalMart–and it was pretty well hidden. Seemed strange to me that Susan Boyle's album (and I like her) was still prominently displayed with the New Releases, but Clay's new CD was not. My other WalMart had none.
    Thanks heavens for Amazon and iTunes and other online sites so we can download or order a physical copy.
    Did I understand correctly that he had the #2 internet album?
    Congratulations to Clay Aiken–this is one beautiful album!

  7. I am very happy that Clay made the Top Ten again. His album is awesome. I love every song on it. The orchestration is just WOW! Clay's voice is also just WOW!

    Yes, I think he would have sold even more if they were available at the stores. Searched all the stores here in Florida and could find none. But, what was strange was Bo Bice had a few CD's in the rack for new CD's way on the bottom and I think his CD only sold 3,000 copies. Also, I couldn't even find Clay's name card..but I found it the next day way in the back of other CD's. With only 1 of The Best Of Clay Aiken CD's. Seems pretty weird to me.

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