Clay Aiken – Clack Heaven

June 22nd was like Clack Heaven.  It reminded Clay Aiken fans of Christmas, birthdays and Mother’s Day all rolled into one day!!!  AND………according to others, today will bring even more fun.  A huge thank you to all who have been so generous to share all the CLACK with all of the fans.  We have so many pictures from the Bringing Back Broadway concert.  All the pictures can’t be posted, but enjoy this bit of fun.

And remember to check in later in the day.  We will update the site as the videos and pictures become available.

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Clack Heaven

  1. I am very appreciative of Toni7's video's. Without these very special fans..what would we do? I also love all of her photo's..keep them coming. I love the video of Home…but, I just can't stop listening to Those Magic Changes from Grease. He looks like a 50's Idol singing these. The whole performance is very sexy to me…and what is with that ending? Only Clay could put those special notes in there. Breathtaking!!!!

  2. I love all these photos, but that first one with his socks and shoe and relaxed pose in that chair is especially thudworthy!

    Those Magic Changes has me floored too. Those moves are enough to put you on the floor all by themselves and then combine that with his voice and energy………verra sexy!

  3. WOW! Clay Aiken sure is looking fine! I don't know why this type is showing up so light. I hope it's darker when it is posted. I didn't think anything was showing at first till I looked closer. It's real light type. Strange!

    Anyway, I didn't hav much to say other than Clay Aiken is looking REALLY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you for the videos. They are greaat. those Magic Changes is wonderful, Thudful and whatever else you can think of.

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