Clay Aiken- Meets Most Feared Woman

Clay Aiken is a very brave young man.  Today, he is going to appear on the infamous E channel, a channel that has done everything they can do to embarrass Clay.  Not only will he appear on the E Channel, he will be visiting with Chelsea Handler on her show, Chelsea Lately.

Named the most feared woman in Hollywood by many, her specialty is being rude, very rude, about Hollywood celebrities.

Chelsea Handler was born on February 25, 1976 in Livingston, New Jersey. She was raised in a Jewish neighborhood and grew up as a reformed Jew. She started her career in the limelight as a stand-up comedian and eventually became a regular on the series Girls Behaving Badly. She also appeared in shows like The Bernie Mac Show, The Practice and Weekends at the D.L. In addition, she also became a correspondent on The Tonight Show.  Chelsea starred in her own show, The Chelsea Handler Show before she moved to the E Channel.

The half-hour chat show opens with its host talking into the camera for a few minutes about celebrities. Thereafter she will introduce her panel of three “cultural experts” who have names and faces that will probably be unfamiliar to you and the conversation will turn to Hollywood. The closing 10 minutes will be taken up with Chelsea interviewing a celebrity.  Sometimes Chelsea creates skits, mocks the showbiz world and makes spoofs of celebrities.

So, for five nights a week just before midnight, Handler is given space to poke fun at the very people whose lives and catastrophes the E channel depends on for ratings. They seem to set no limits on what she and guests feel they need to say.  Most reports say that Chelsea is vicious in her judgments, but uses a tone that avoids snide or snarky. It’s character assassination with a winning smile.

So……..only for Clay Aiken will I watch this show.  And, more power to you, Clay.  I have no doubt you can give it back as well as she can give it.

What do you think about this visit?  Have you ever seen Chelsea Lately??

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14 thoughts on “Clay Aiken- Meets Most Feared Woman

  1. When I first read Clay was going to be on this show I couldn't decide whether it was a genius move or a what was he thinking moment. I'm going to go with the positive and say that the best way to get rid of an enemy is to make them a friend. I hope Clay will be his witty and sweet self and show E! what class means. Why not mend bridges? Go Clay! 🙂

  2. I have never seen Chelsea before…and after reading the blurb above, I think I know why? She does not sound like someone I would choose to listen to. Again….I will…only for Clay.

    I have no doubt that Clay can hold his own…He is fast, and quick witted.

    Clay truly is brave…He is not afraid to back down from any of these people….YOU GO CLAY!!!!!!! AND TELL IT LIKE IT IS…..

  3. I'm looking forward to this interview. I have high hopes that Clay will win Chelsea over, just as he has with other brutes in the past. As Judy so aptly said, YOU GO CLAY!!!!

  4. I can't stand Chelsea and have only seen 10-15 second blips of her program. Do I think Clay Aiken can handle Chelsea Handler? In a heartbeat.

  5. She is a first class bitch, but I have no doubt Clay Aiken will be able to ‘handle’ her with ease (yes, pun very much intended). I think she will have met her match in Mr. Aiken.

  6. I've only seen her show bits and pieces. But, I'm not a bit worried. Clay will win her over just like he does with everyone else when they meet him, especially women. They can't resist his Southern charm, manners, and his quick wit.

    Jimmy Kimmel is a good example; he made many not-so-nice jabs at Clay before he was on his show and now they're great friends.

    Clay can hold his own against her, and probably will gain new respect and new fans from the show.

  7. Have not seen a ‘bad’ interview as far as Clay is concerned. Looking forward to this.

    Don’t know Chelsea, I avoid all the entertainment channels keeping up with celebs lives. No longer find it amusing. But this is a must watch. Whoever the interviewer is, Clay will just be himself and that is all that is needed. Quick, smart, witty, funny! 😀

  8. I dont like Chelsea she is not a nice person I'm positive Clay will be handle himself just fine.As for myself I want watch the show everything about that show is insulting ,however I will watch the interwiev with Clay once ithe video is posted on this page. I guess most of HER audience like her TRASH and I only seen bids and pices of her show and were disgusted with the contens

  9. Chelsea is hilarious, i watch every night. Clay will love her and she will love Clay. She won't be such a bitch in fact, i think all of you Clay fanatics who are expecting the worst will be pleasantly surprised. who knows, you may even tune in again even if Clay isn't on. Both are talented and will surely respect one another

  10. I think Chelsea is off the wall, ribald, someone you wouldn't want your son to bring home to meet Mom because Mom would pass out. She is horribly insultingly funny and I think Clay and Chelsea will be a match made in heaven. {{crosses fingers}}. Cannot wait to see this daring duo and what chaos they can create.

  11. I've never seen her show so I'm glad you prepared me for what to expect. I'm confident Clay can handle Handler.

  12. This doesn’t sound like a show that I would enjoy, but for Clay Aiken, I’ll watch anything. Hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised and will enjoy the show, but if not, it’s only a one-time thing and I’m sure Clay will more than hold his own with her.

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