Clay Aiken – Thursday Media Dance

It is fun seeing all the media attention Clay Aiken is getting this week. Today, Clay is doing a series of interviews at TV news shows all over the US. These remote segments are usually quick, but, so far, lots of fun. We will post them during the day when we get the tape. I hope you enjoy the fun.

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  1. I saw these interviews this morning. The first one I didn't care much for. They kept saying that all of Clay's songs makes you think of the original artists. Wrong!! The second interview I liked. The host was very courteous to Clay and complimented him on his new CD. These are very interesting interviews and if they are shown on the Morning News Shows that will give Clay some good PR for TnT.

  2. Musicfan,

    These are wonderful videos of Clay Aiken's interviews promoting the "Tried & True" CD and "Timeless Tour." Thank you for putting this many in one place.

    Have a great week. It certainly is fun to have something to write about, LOL!


  3. I'm enjoying all the tv interviews Clay is doing. He answers everything perfectly. Can't see too much of him!!

  4. I have only seen one of the short interviews but I am loving that we are getting Clay on TV. Thanks for posting the videos. I could never get too much of him.

  5. I am loving all this media attention Clay is getting this week!! The Water for Elephants video is hilarious!

  6. Enjoying all the new media regarding Clay Aiken's cd release. Tried and True is an excellent album.

  7. Boy…Clay sure has been busy today…. Love that he is promoting "Tried & True" all over different cities….It's kind of cool to do it that way…. I wonder what will be tomorrow…

    Thanks CANN for all the different clips of Clay.


  8. I also enjoy seeing Clay out doing publicity. I pray that it will work for him. Good luck because it's a wonderful cd and Clay deserves it!

  9. Loved watching all these interviews ….love that they didn't ask some of the old questions like some do.
    He has been having some great reviews for "Tried & True" …how worderful for a change.
    Thank you for posting these videos.

  10. I like it that these interviews focus on Clay's music and he gets to talk about the tour and PBS special in addition to talking about the album.

  11. Clay is working harder than ever promoting TNT. It can't be easy for him to go through all these interviews, but he's doing a GREAT job! And with a smile on his face. What a wonderful guy!

  12. Love the interviews. Fun. Even though some qs are repetitive, he always seem to be able to change it up and make it interesting.

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