Clay Aiken – Guest Co-Host

What a great day for the ClayNation on Tuesday. We were lucky enough to see Clay Aiken for almost an hour. As the co-host of The View, Clay was funny, happy, articulate, careful, hoarse, and not afraid to say what he thought.

The following are some screen caps from the show. I am also adding the opening of the show. We were finally able to get the video working.

What was your favorite part of The View while Clay was the co-host?

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  1. Thank you for having the videos of Clay Aiken on The View.
    I love each and every one of them. It was a great show. I hope they have him on again!

  2. Thanks for the video of Clay when they were discussing Mel Gibson. I do believe that he felt kind of uncomfortable during that one. At one time he asked Sherri Do we know if this is true? But, all in all, I loved him on the View and hope he co-hosts again.

  3. Musicfan,

    Tuesday was a smorgasborg for Clay Aiken fans! I enjoyed every minute — some serious, some funny — that Clay was on "The View" and have rewound the tape/videos several times. You and I certainly had lots to write about today, LOL!

    Have an awesome week!


  4. Oh, I forgot to put this in. My most favorite part of the show was The Hungry Girl episode. He sure seemed to enjoy those snacks. Whoopee was so funny coming out and getting the left-overs and taking them to the back room. I could just see the whole bunch of them when the show was over, back there chomping down on those snacks. Very funny!!

  5. Couldn't really pick a favorite part. He looked wonderful and made some good comments even though it was difficult with all of the ladies talking at once. Just read the above comment that says he asked Sherrie ("Do we know if this is true?"). I didn't hear that. Don't blame him for not saying much during that segment. Clay really is not into celebrity gossip.

    What I really loved best was the "curler" interview. That was Clay at his best!!!

  6. Thanks for the videos. Isnt it fun to have all this Clay action happenning? Love the curlers!!

  7. I wish Clay had gotten the chance to contribute more to the conversations, but it was an enjoyable show and Clay did great when he was able to fit a few words in.

  8. I loved Clay on The View. Several favorite parts-the eating part and of course the curler part. He is so adorable!

  9. I loved seeing Clay on "The View." I do wish they had let him speak more, but he was great when he did get a chance to express his opinion on things.

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