Clay Aiken – “You Can Dance In ’em!”

OK…Back in the late 80s and early 90s, I remember the name MC Hammer.  I don’t remember ever watching him on TV and I certainly never went to one of his shows.  So, when Clay Aiken came out on the stage this summer, sporting a pair of Hammer Pants, I thought he was wearing an exaggerated costume.  SHOWS HOW MUCH I KNOW!!  I found the following on the Internet today.  I wonder if there is a line of people ready to buy these!

Gold Hammer Pants On Sale Now!

It’s Hammertime! Commemorate his memorable career and relive the best of MC Hammer with the official gold lame´ Hammer pants. Featuring a roomy fit around the thighs that slims toward the ankles and waist, these pants capture MC’s original multi-million dollar look – you’ll feel as cool as the man himself!

WAIT!  Where is the flamboyant belt with chains?  That is a “must have” for the MC Hammer look!

MC Hammer, himself, says of this style:

“You can make a fashion statement. You can move in ’em. You can dance in ’em. … It accentuates the movement, and it gives you freedom of movement. It’s a slight delay. You move, and then the pants move, so it brings a nice little flair.”

“From your heart, you wear them, how you feel today. If it’s a sunshiny day and you have a certain pair that goes with the sunshine, and you want to put some bright colors with them, then you do that.”

The blog, Momlogic, has a funny mention of Hammer pants…I really laughed!

Stylemama: Shopping this weekend I came across a rack of MC HAMMER drop-crotch pants. Apparently they’re now called “harem” pants. Excuse me. When I pulled them off the rack, the sales lady came over and exclaimed “Aren’t those great?! You can wear them to the office, or anywhere really!” Um … I wouldn’t be caught dead in this parachute number and I don’t see how they would look good on anyone, even a skinny model.

I imagined myself getting into my SUV  and getting the crotch stuck in the car door. Or running up the stairs and tripping over the parachute. I smiled at the lady and say “Nah…I’m just kind of looking.” The very last thing I’m going to be spending my money on, especially in this economy, would be Hammer pants.

Whether they are ivory, slick black, or gold lame, there is only one person I want to see wearing Hammer Pants…..Clay Aiken really looked cute!

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “You Can Dance In ’em!”

  1. Thank you for a real day brightener. Those pictures and that video just make me smile and Clay is too adorable! 🙂

  2. It's hard to believe you can put Clay Aiken and hammer pants in the same sentence…but it worked… What fun!!!!!! Thanks for the video Musicfan…it really was fun to watch again…


  3. This is really fun. I laughed out loud!!

    Somehow, I don't think you will ever see me in those pants!!

    Thanks for the fun!

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