Clay Aiken – He Blogged


He was on a plane and wrote while in the air!!

Go over to the OFC and read… is great!!


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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – He Blogged

  1. I am so proud of Clay!! What a remarkable man.

    Thank you for posting about the blog so quickly. This is the place for up-to-date Clay news!!

  2. No sweeter words were ever spoken than "He blogged." What an intelligent well-informed man. I am so proud of him! I would love him to be Senator Aiken!

  3. In this internet age, where bullying takes many forms, it’s nice to know that compassionate and intelligent people like Clay Aiken are able to advocate in Washington for the targets of bullying.

    There is NO excuse for bullying in any form, be it from the media, bloggers, TV shows, so-called comedians, or hateful and misinformed people hiding behind their computer screens.

    Bravo, Clay!! I’m very, very proud of you and very, very proud to call myself a fan.

  4. Thank you for alerting us to Clay's blog so fast. I'm so proud of Clay Aiken for getting involved in the bullying issue.

  5. Great blog! So happy for the news he give us…and so proud to be a fan of this wonderful man.
    He sure can make us all have a big smie on our faces. Sure made my day.<3

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