Clay Aiken – Stop! Go! Yield!

I was doing some re-organization on my computer on Saturday and came across the following pictures of Clay Aiken….  For some reason, they made me smile.  I hope you enjoy them too!!

Straight Forward, then Turn Left!

Don’t Even Try To Merge!!

What?  I Said You Can Park Right Here!

Come Here…Come Here!

Straight Ahead…Don’t Pass Go!

Right here……Right in The Sun!!

Yes, YOU!!  Keep on Walking!

A special thanks to all the talented photographers who always share their great pictures with us.  You are the Greatest!


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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Stop! Go! Yield!

  1. Omg I love the pictures, brings back such wonderful memories, and the sayings above the pictures are so funny.

  2. How fun are these pictures. Clay always seems like he has a blast on stage and it just shows on his face in all these pictures. I love the sneakly gleam in his eyes 🙂

  3. Very cute! The JBT photos are some of my favorites even though I actually prefer all grown up now 2010 Clay.

  4. I love seeing Clay perform in person. He is so animated. It makes the concert so much better. I love the pictures.

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