Clay Aiken – A Quick Wit Is Needed!

We all know that Clay Aiken has a wickedly quick wit and it’s pretty hard to put one over on him.  So…… you think he could answer the following questions on his own without the use of friends or references?

Each of the following questions is about a Christmas Song.  Take a minute and see if you know the answers.  If you get stuck, try singing the song until you get to the answer. I will post the answers tomorrow!!

And, Good Luck!!

1.  Where would you go to hear Silver Bells?  ________________

2.  Who was it that danced with the silk hat on his head? ______________

3.  Where would you find Reindeer Paws??  ______________

4.  What did the cattle do to wake the poor baby?  ______________

5.  When did I see those three ships?  ______________

6.  What size were those Kings of the Orient?? ______________

7.  What is it that helps to make the season bright.? ___________________

8.  Who wants a pair of hop-a-long boots, and a pistol that shoots?    ________

9.  Who still wants a hula a hoop?  ____________

10. Who kept time to the drum?  ______________

11. Who and what color was the animal that gave the hay to pillow his head ?  _______

12. Where do the hopes and fears of all the years meet?   _________________

13. What would keep me warm all the way home? __________________

14. What does Susie want?  ___________________

15. Why does the child want his two front teeth? __________________

16. What was the other reindeer’s name?? (she used to laugh and call him names)________

17. What was the horse in Jingle bells named???  ______________

18. When will I finally go?  _______________

19. What color is Christmas without you?   __________________

20. What is the parson in the meadows name?  _______________

Extra Credit:
• Where does one go a wassailing?   ___________________________
? ____________

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Quick Wit Is Needed!

  1. Happy Christmas Adam everyone!!!! (yes..I stole that from Clay&Brett)

    This is fun, and I thought I was going to do better than what I actually did… I have to go out, but will work on this again… Are we to post the answers on here? Or just make our own list?

    Have fun!!! Thanks Musicfan…I've got all these songs going through my head now!! hahaha

  2. Hmmmm! Some of these are pretty hard. Guess I'll have to put on my thinking cap. LOL! I got a few of them. I'll work on them more later.

  3. YIKES…..this is hard. I get some of them quickly and NEVER get some of them!!

    This is fun and thanks for always having something here for us to read!!

    Happy Holidays!!

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