Clay Aiken – The Top of the List!

A big Thank you to all the Clay Aiken fans that participated in last week’s song poll.  Because of your help, we have a great list of Holiday songs that would be wonderful for Clay to record.

We had 130 song votes during the week.  Some readers answered right away and some waited until Sunday night to slip in a few more song choices.

Many of the submitted song titles were new to me and I am looking forward to checking out I-Tunes for more information on them.  Other songs got one or two mentions and they brought out a smile as I remembered the song and the holiday memory that went along with the carol.  With so many great holiday songs, maybe we can talk Clay into recording two new Holiday albums!!

Here are the 6 songs that got the top votes:

1.        Celebrate Me Home:  The Kenny Loggins hit received the highest vote total.  Kenny recorded the song in 1976, but I got to know the song when Clay sang it on tour in 2005.

2.       Good News:  Originally recorded by the Christian band, Avalon, Good News became a highlight on Clay’s 2004 tour when he sang it as an encore.

3.       Welcome To Our World:  This beautiful song was written by Michael w. Smith and Chris Rice.  In 2007, Clay sang this moving song with a full symphonic orchestra on his Christmas tour.

4.       Beautiful Star of Bethlehem:  This one always brings a tear to my eyes when I think of Clay singing to his beloved Papa.  It also made me ask,  “What puts a song in the category of Blue Grass?? (What is Bluegrass?)

5.       Do You Hear What I Hear: This touching song was written in 1962 by the composing team of Regney and Shayne.  They wrote it as a plea for peace during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  It has sold millions of copies by many different artists. Clay would make the song his own!

6.       Blue Christmas:  Elvis Presley made Blue Christmas a holiday classic when he recorded the song in 1957.  We already know that Clay can sing Elvis songs…so Blue Christmas might be a great fit!

I have posted videos of the top four songs.  I am sure you have seen them before, but…. These videos really show why these songs are at the top of the list.

Thank you so much for participating in this fun project!!

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Top of the List!

  1. I could have posted earlier, but got caught up in watching all the YouTubes!!! hahahaha

    Thanks for the videos again…and yes, I sure hope Clay records these songs. No one sings Christmas songs like Clay. Thanks Musicfan for letting us participate in the poll… It was fun.


  2. All right! Two of the songs that I chose are on the top six list. But will have to wait to see and hear him sing them as he hasn't sung them publicly that I know of. Thanks for the info on each song. Hope he chooses to record them in 2011.

  3. I agree with Judy no one sings christmas songs like Clay Aiken I listen daily to his musici it is very relaxing. ……………….Have a wonderful christmas…Rita/JAXV. FL.:)

  4. Just watched those video's. I am glad that one of the ones I voted was on the list..Welcome To Our World. They are all great and I would love for him to record them on a new Christmas Album. I can never watch WTOW all the way through without a tear or two appearing…happy tears to be sure.

  5. The top three were my choices, and the only song I don't like is Blue Christmas. Of course Clay might sing it so I like the song.

  6. I love these songs and especially the videos. I wonder what Clay would think about a Christmas cd and tour for next year. We can always dream. 🙂

  7. Sure is looking festive in here! Thanks for the YouTubes! I too got caught up in them today.
    My all time fave Christmas video from Clay is DSIAFCD by Scarlett, 2004, San José.
    I love it because the video catches the expressions ( big smiles-joy) on the lad in the choir when Clay hits the glory note.

  8. It'd be great if Clay would let the fans select one song for his next Christmas song. He could give us a list of several songs he's considering and we make the choice for him.

  9. I did not submit any songs, since whatever Clay Aiken sings is beautiful to my ears!:D
    But I do love your top 6.<3

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