Clay Aiken – A Remarkable Singing Voice

Musically speaking, Clay Aiken stands as one of the most consistent and entertaining artists in popular music today. During his 8 years in the music business, Clay has garnered a reputation as a singer that combines a remarkable singing voice with great stage presence and that makes his concerts a “Must-see” event.

On Thursday evening, Clay performed the 12th concert of his Tried and True Tour.  Held at the Peace Center in Greenville, South Carolina, the diverse audience seemed excited to hear Clay and his talented band members.  Clay’s voice seemed to grow stronger with each song he sang and the audience showed their appreciation with much applause and cheering.  But, the audience was quiet at the end of the concert.  Clay sang Both Sides Now, a song he says has the most beautiful lyrics of any song out there.  The concert closed with In My Life, a song that Clay sings to his fans as a thank you for all their support.

Between songs, Clay had the audience in stitches.  He seems to love talking to the audience and includes them in the banter often. He related stories about his band members and even made fun of himself.  Clays quick wit allows him to see something on stage or in the audience and come up with a quick “one-liner” that stops the show.

Quiana Parler’s performances are a definite treat as well.  Quiana sings two solos and duets with Clay on the popular song, Crying.

Four outstanding musicians join Clay on stage.  Felix Pollard, the drummer, has toured with Clay many times and is in high demand for his excellent craft.  Adam Fallen is the guitarist on this tour. This is Adam’s  first pop tour and although only 19, he shows his talent each night as he adds special touch to the songs. Thursday was Adams birthday and his family was a part of the audience.

Del Atkins provides the bass line to the band.  This is his first tour with Clay, but Del has been active as a performer and composer for many years.  It was lucky that Del could fit this tour in his schedule.  The conductor/arranger/musical director and keyboard genius is Ben Cohn.  This talented young man has toured with Clay before and adds so much to the show each night.  Ben was masterful as he arranged the concert with the right amounts of musical and stylistic contrast between numbers.

Clay Aiken exudes a genuine likability and unforced charm that removes any barriers between him and a live audience. Combine that with his beautiful voice and you have Thursday Nights concert.   This fantastic show is an example of how concerts and music can make our lives just a bit better!  Thank you, Clay, for this wonderful treat.

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Remarkable Singing Voice

  1. This is so true Musicfan….There is no one like Clay "Live". He doesn't need all the flashy stuff. I've seen 3 of Clay's shows, and each one better than the one before…. What I really remember is when Clay starts to sing…you can hear a pin drop in the audience…and you look around the room…and everyone is absolutely in the moment, soaking it all in. His voice just takes you to a different place. And then when he hits these "glory" notes, well…….I know the hair on my arms and back of neck stood up….I N C R E D I B L E !!!!!! You just come away with WOW..did you hear that note????? I don't know of another performer today that could just stand there alone on a stage and entertain for 2 hours…no flashy stuff…just pure voice…Amazing!!!!

  2. Clay Aiken has been making my life better for eight years now and I hope he never stops!!
    The only thing better than going to a Clay Aiken concert would be going to every concert on the tour!!
    Love that this tour is such a huge success–it is not to be missed!

  3. Clay Aiken and his backup musicians and singer are outstanding. Quianna has one of the best female voices of today, Ben Cohn is a musical genius, Felix Pollard has the beat & rhythm, Adam, the newbie, is incredibly talented, and Del Atkins on the bass really adds the sound that Clay likes. Excellent night of entertainment.

  4. I could not make it to Greenville, but was blessed to be in Charlotte Wed nite! My tour mate, Cheli, & I were BLOWN AWAY by the whole concert, but especially by the Encore performances of BSN & IML!!! We were in tears, such a moving performance!!! Clay's comments thanking his fans for sticking with him really tugged at out heartstrings!!! Clay was BORN to be an ENTERTAINER!!!

  5. This tour is magical. Clay Aiken has put together a fantastic concert and has entertained fans, whether in person or online, night after night. He is doing what he was born to do…entertaining us with his music and wit. And Quiana singing is moving. Love the interaction between the two and the band members.

    Thank you Scarlett for all the great vids. Loved the interaction between the two of you last night. He so knows us and really appreciates his fans. Thanks Clay for 8 fantastic years.

  6. Loved what you wrote. Clay is certainly a stand-out performer. He is so full of talent…and his shows are a work of art.

    Clay is so smart to surround himself with top musicians. Each of the 5 musicians are all amazing and add so much to the show.

    Thank you for keeping us informed and making this a positive place for Clay information.

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