Clay Aiken – He Is The Best!

I was asked by one of our readers to post the following observation of Clay’s performance at the NHL All – Star Game. According to the reader:

Judy Simpson is a great wordsmith and has written many of the lyrics for the songs in my book, “When I Remember Love.”

The following is her review.

Thanks again for letting me listen to The Voice That Shook the Stadium – lucky he didn’t melt the ice – he’s still a heat generator, that guy! (as per stubble reference)

Anyway, having heard SSB countless times by countless singers doing countless renditions and having heard Clay sing it himself several times – the last being years ago when his lungs were younger – I really did not expect to be as awestruck as I was hearing it this time – he made my spine tingle and my eyes moist. Brought back that old feeling I always got hearing him. “Glory-us!”  Managed to take it up a notch with his own rendition and vocal expertise.

I’ve been watching AI this season and really listening for a voice that would move me like his.  I’ve checked in on the talent every season without finding one and finally came to the conclusion that maybe I am being too prejudiced out of loyalty to Clay and not really wanting to find anyone to be as good. So this season I decided to be more open-minded and have actually heard a few singers, good singers, that made me think….just maybe….But then you went and played me Clay’s latest vocal triumph and it reinforced what I’ve believed since the first time he opened his mouth to audition for “American Idol”…for me no one comes close to his vocal talent. No one gives me goosebumps or brings me to tears or makes me drop my jaw or forget to breathe the way he always has. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it – he has spoiled me. He’s set the bar so high that to my ear no one will ever measure up vocally to that man. No that I’m complaining.

Thanks again for reminding me why I’m his fan forever.  It’s an addiction I can’t shake and wouldn’t want to if I could.

Thank you, Judy…….I think we all love Clay and his singing!!

Did you remember that today is the anniversary of the Golfing For Inclusion Event last year?  My husband and I were there and in spite of the rain, the event was so much fun.  The following pictures are so much fun to see again!!


Oh, I really appreciate the people who share their Clack with all of us.  A huge thank you to all of you!!

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – He Is The Best!

  1. Enjoyed the latest photo presentation. I'm also appreciative of and thank all of Clay's fans who take and share their clack.
    Haven't seen any mention of the Golfing For Inclusion Gala for this year. Wonder if and/or when it will occur. Looking forward to a busy Clay year ahead.

  2. Yes……Clay is the best!!

    I loved seeing the pictures of the golfing dinner and concert. I wish I had been there.

    Thanks for the info today!

  3. Well said Judy, I think you summed it up perfectly!

    Love the pictures. 🙂

    Thank you for another wonderful blog.

  4. She is so right about Clay spoiling us. It almost doesn't seem fair to the other Idol contestants for them to have such a high standard to try and achieve.

  5. A wonderful review from someone who knows music!! Seeing those pics makes me think how quickly time flies.

  6. Thumb ups for Judy. Tks a lot ..I have the same feeling as yours & also did the same thing with AI. Summary is … no match at all with Clay… maybe we just love him too much 😉

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