Clay Aiken – Another Night To Remember!!

Clay Aiken…what a wonderful show you gave to the audience in San Francisco last night.  Thank you for making the night such an exciting experience.

I started the evening by having dinner at Lori’s Diner with about 50 of the greatest fans around.  Some of my dinner companions were people I had met before and others are wonderful new friends that I met.  We had a great time enjoying talk, food and more talk.

The four – block walk to the theatre was an interesting experience.  It was an easy walk, but the different characters that were all about made a show in itself.  Today, San Francisco had a St. Patrick’s Day parade and festival.  They estimated 100,000 people attended and I would bet that the Guinness flowed freely all day…and I would also bet that many of the revelers were on Market, close to the Warwick Theatre.

The concert was amazing.  I am at a loss for words.  From the beautiful voice singing Where Do I Begin to the last note of In My Life, the concert was about as perfect as a show could be.

The 1,000 glow sticks added such a nice touch to the end of the concert and tour.  I do believe that Clay was touched as he saw the multi-colored lights from throughout the theatre.

Here are a few comments from Clay fans about the concert:

  • That was FAN FLIPPIN TASTIC!!!! I think he was genuinely touched when the glow sticks were lit.
  • As I was leaving I looked at the security guard and had to do a double take. Sure enough, the woman had tears streaming down her face – our man had moved her to tears. She said he was fantastic
  • Hundreds and hundreds of beautiful lights, moving in the darkness, saying, in their own way, “We love you.” He kept looking around at them. You could tell he liked it very much.
  • Clay…thank you for the wonderful tour. Thank you for the memories and the joy and the laughter. Thank you for being in my life.
  • It was so much fun to once again join together, night after night, and listen to you sing, talk, and laugh.
  • I can’t wait for the next adventure.
  • His beautiful voice. His side-splitting wit. His irresistible charm. It all came together for a truly unforgettable tour. It ended far too quickly!

It is almost 1AM and no clack yet, so I am headed for bed.  I will try and post some clack tomorrow.  Please check in for updates!!

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17 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Another Night To Remember!!

  1. I am so happy! It sounds like the perfect end to a wonderful tour! I can't even stop smiling 🙂

    I second that thank you to Clay for the wonderful music, humor and for just being you. I'm looking forward to whatever is next. Bring it on!! 🙂

  2. Thank you everyone for showing Clay the love last night. He so deserves it. I can't wait to see the clack, especially all the glow sticks…. This tour was so special. I can't say it enough, how his voice is so powerful that it goes right through you….Amazing…I will never forget this tour, as it is one of my favourites….Pure raw Clay…no gimmicks…just perfection…. Thanks Musicfan.

  3. I find it very interesting that only positive comments get approved and posted…too bad you guys can't accept reality and post all comments.

    • Surprised…..This is a site that celebrates Clay Aiken. We report accurate news and write on many topics.

      I was at the concert last night and it was a highlight for me. Clay sang beautifully and made a point of thanking his fans for the support they have showed him for 8 years.

      Your two comments from this morning were the only negative reports we have had or that I have read on any Clay message boards.

      There are plenty of places that you can post negative things about Clay…..this is not one of them

      • Have to agree with you, musicfan.
        I don't visit sites of entertainers that I don't like and make negative comments about them and I don't expect people who don't care for Clay to come here and do that.

        I do love visiting this site and watching the videos that you post. Sounds like an amazing final concert last night. This really has been my favorite tour so far. Clay Aiken is a class act—cannot wait to see what he will do next.

    • As the owner of CANN, Musicfan has every right to censor the comments that appear on her site. I see nothing wrong with this.

    • I don't have a problem with the nasty remarks being censored. Why would musicfan give a voice to the nuts who go around the internet leaving nasty remarks about people they have never met? If you don't like Clay Aiken, move along.

  4. Musicfan you amaze me! From your vacation in FL with grandkids you flew back home to CA (4 hr time difference). Then to the Clay concert to celebrate with fans, old friends, and new friends. You still posted at 1:00 am when you returned home and you had to spring ahead with the time change. I hope you heard good news from your family in Japan amid all of this. Thanks for all you do to keep us informed on all things Clay. Hope he takes some time to relax with Parker and maybe stop in to see Jimmy Kimmel on his show while in CA.

  5. Yeah for so many fans showing up in San Francisco. It sounded like the crowd was really great. I waved my own glow stick at home last night with tears in my eyes. I love hearing that the security person had tears in her eyes too.

  6. From the clack that I have seen, San Francisco was another great show. I am sad that this tour is over, but oh so ready for whatever Clay has in store for us next.

    I've loved all the songs Clay performed this tour, but the most heartfelt and touching one is "In My Life". Clay's sincerity in thanking the fans followed by that song gets to me every time. We love you, too, Clay.

  7. Another fantastic tour has come to an end. Thank you Clay for entertaining us like ONLY you can. Each and every show was a gem with the fans showing their love and Clay returning that love right to us. He always shows how much he appreciates his fans by giving us something special. This tour wasthe Pre In My Life and the song In My Life. He is one class act.

  8. This is a Clay Aiken blog. That means we are fans of and support Clay Aiken. Those who are not fans of Clay Aiken and do not support him should be going elsewhere or starting their own blog.

  9. It saddens me now that the tour is over but I'm also excited cause that means something new is coming up.

  10. I always enjoy reading here. I am a fan, and believe this site is for Clay's fans, those that support him. I don't know why anyone would want to come in and be negative at a fansite.

  11. Such a wonderful tour that we all have experienced. Whether we were in the seat in the venues or in our home – no one delivers like Clay Aiken. He wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to the love he has for his fans. Very evident in the video of In My Life. Thank you Clay for this ride and I am eagerly waiting the next!

  12. Clay was fantastic on this tour. I've enjoyed all the videos and pictures. I feel so fortunate, blessed and happy to be a fan right now. I can't wait to see what the future holds.

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