Clay Aiken – The Sweater Tour!

With all the wonderful new pictures of Clay Aiken and his new outfits, I thought it might be fun to see if you have a favorite look.  Jeans, slacks?  Tie,no tie?  Blue, maroon,etc??    Which one is your favorite??

#1 – Greenville

#2 – Atlanta

#3 – Charlotte

#4 – Knoxville

#5 – Houston

#6 – Cleveland

#7  Minneapolis

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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Sweater Tour!

  1. Well..I can't choose…I like everything Clay wears…I do like Clay with the blue striped shirt, blue sweater and nice fitting jeans…I think that might have been the last show. Very nice…but he always dresses smartly on stage. Very comfortable looking..making everyone in the audience comfortable…Thanks for the pics Musicfan.

    • Love the jeans with sweater (maroon) and Tie! #4. Clay does look very good and always appreciate his styles. Thanks for the pics.!

  2. Love all the looks! He looks great:) But I would have to say #4 and #5, really liking #5, love the zippy sweater~LOL

  3. I like the colors of the sweater and tie combo in #4. Would like to see how a pair of nice dress pants would look with that.

  4. I have to pick #4, Greenville, for my favorite look, with the nice fitting jeans, however for this tour I really think #1 with the sports pants is more appropriate. I was lucky enough to attend 2 and I got the jeans look in one and the sports pants in the other — nice variety!!

  5. In Cleveland, we got look #6…blue sweater, tie and old jeans. I like the fit of the slacks in #3. Of course it's not the clothes that make the man, it's the man in the clothes that make us sit up and take notice!

  6. Since I have to choose, it has to be #4-Knoxville. But this is based on the jeans. LOL. I love the turquoise color sweater on him though.

  7. What can I say . It's Clay so they're all great, but would love to see #1 slacks with # 4 sweater. Much prefer him semi-casual but really any outfit will do as long as he is wearing them. Thanks for the great pics.

  8. I like the dressy slacks…especially those tight ones…LOL…with the blue sweater like in # 1 but I also like the casual look with that wonderful gray sweater in #5!!! For me it was just great seeing him again in such fine form!!! I wonder if he still has those jeans he tore the seat out of!!!

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