Clay Aiken – Life Goes On

Although Clay Aiken has been on a break from his celebrity career, life still is full of many interesting things in the “ClayNation.”

The National Inclusion Project released its annual report this week.  Every time I read about the achievements of this organization, I feel so proud.

  • I am proud of Clay and Diane for planting the seed and starting the ball rolling.
  • I am proud of the entire staff and board of the National Inclusion Project.  Each  person is dedicated to making inclusion something that is a part of every day life.
  • I am proud of all the fans who participate in whatever way they can to make sure that children with disabilities have the same experiences as those without.
  • I am proud that The National Inclusion Project is a national leader for social inclusion.
  • I am proud that 22,000 children have been supported by the organization.
  • I am proud that over $6 million has been spent in support of their kids.
  • I am proud that the National Inclusion Project continues to receive a 4-star Charity Navigator rating placing them among the best-managed charities.

To read the entire Annual Report visit the National Inclusion Project site.

The 2011 Fan Fest will take place this weekend in York, PA.  Diane Knappy, known to Clay fans as “Cookie”, hosts the event.  The event runs from 10 a.m. Saturday through Sunday at noon at the Yorktowne Hotel.

The weekend event will include live and silent auctions, raffles, contests, great food, friendships and fun.  Clay Aiken’s mom, Faye Parker will be a special guest at the event.  She will be speaking about the National Inclusion Project.

In 2010, the Fan Fest raised about $3,000 for the National Inclusion and they are hoping to top that amount this year.  Will you be there this weekend?

The wonderfully talented SueReu finished the 3rd part of her triptych on Clay Aiken and his unique way of saying thank-you.   Be sure and get out the tissues before you start the video.  I think this is the very best of all.

This time, Sue turns the tables and reminds us that we need to say thank you to Clay!!  Thank you, Sue…you  have a real talent and I am so glad you share it with us!

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17 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Life Goes On

  1. Thanks you for a great blog. Wonderful video by Suereu and yes, thank you to Clay all the smiles! and beautiful music. 🙂

  2. Yes, a kleenex is needed. Thank you Suerue for Part 3 of Clay's Thank you's. It just touches your heart…

    I'm not going to the Fan Fest, but I wish everyone there a great time. Maybe next year…I'd love to go to one of them. Also it benefits the National Inclusion Project, and that is a great thing. Even though I'm from Canada, it is one of the biggest charities that I support. It truly is great being a Clay Fan. For so many reasons…the first being Clay, but for the kids as well.

  3. Thank you once again for all of the information about NIP. I also feel so proud to be a part of Clay's
    fan club and to be a part of this Great Ride for the last 8 yr. He is truly an amazing entertainer and
    artist with the most beautiful heart. Such a gifted man and such a "giving man".

    SueReu – You made such a wonderful Tribute to Clay and to his fans – your work is also amazing!
    You are an artist in your own rite.

    Many thanks all around!!!

  4. Oh, goodness – I didn't want that video to end!!!! Just wonderful! All the emotions I experienced watching it were simply amazing!! Thanks to Suerue for all her hard work and thanks for bringing it to us!!! 8 superb years with Clay and still counting!!!!

    Love reading your blog each day!!

  5. Tissues indeed. OMG this was the best and I can't stop crying. Thank you SueRue for all you do and for lovingly taking the time to do this for all us. I am so appreciative of all the montages you make of the man we all love and adore. I need more tissues.

  6. Let's put the over $6M spent to support the kids into perspective. I recently planned a fund raiser for a local organization that supplements the academic programs in our local public schools. They give grants and they also support after school study groups, head start programs and intervention for youth at risk. An extremely worthwhile organization!! They were founded in 1988 – since that time they have awarded probably half of what the Project has awarded since 2003. Pretty impressive!!

    I will not be at the Fan Fest, but I sure hope everyone has a smashing time and meets or exceeds their goal!! If I could be there, I would – sounds like it's going to be a great time!

    Thanks for posting the video – I enjoyed making it and will go on record now stating that it also made me cry 😀

  7. Thank you for this wonderful blog. Yes…..there is still news about Clay and his interests.

    I am also proud of the National Inclusion Project. I wish I could win the lottery so that I could help them even more!

    The video is amazing……Sue……is there a way we can download all three so we can save them or put them on a DVD?

    I enjoy visiting this site every day….it is always fun to find out what interesting thing we will get each morning!!


    • Hi RALLY, thanks to you and to all for the nice comments. Clay's one in a million, as are his fans 😀

      I can get sendspaces together for the three videos, let me do that and then figure out the best way to put them out there. I'm thinking (hoping?) maybe musicfan will post the links here. More to follow 😀

  8. Thank you Musicfan, thank you Sue for another beautiful video and thank you Clay. I can't wait to hear of the next step in your wonderful journey. We all love you too.

  9. I feel like I know Clay personally, but that's just how incredible he truly is. He has reached out and touched my life without even knowing it. This video was unbelievably incredible and really shows why we all love Clay so much. He is a wonderful role model for me to look up to as a college student. He really makes me believe that I can make a difference in the world as well.

  10. Clay is just such a caring person. The National Inclusion Project is such a wonderful, worthwhile organization. I just wish I could give more to them. I also love the newest video from Suereu. It made me cry too. Clay has said how much he loves every one of us so many times. But, it was really lovely to see that again in the video.

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