Clay Aiken – Do You Know?

While organizing my computer files, I have found some great pictures of Clay Aiken.  Some of them I recognize immediately and even remember the event that produced the photo.  However, some of the pictures were in my “unknown” file.  This past week, I finally had the time to research their stories.

Today, I thought I might share some of these fun pictures with you.  Each one is from a TV appearance.  Do you know the show?  AND…..even harder….do you know when the show was on TV?  I hope you will give it a try.  The more answers, the more fun!!







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  1. I have no clue where these pictures were taken but they are so nice!! 🙂 Number 4 and 5 are especially wonderful.

  2. He sure does look extremely good on all of them – the only one I am sure of is #6 –

    Christmas Show in Las Vegas!! #4&5 might be Megan Mullaly Show – not really sure


    Thank you for digging into the files and finding these – they are great to look at- a real feast for the eyes – dazzeling smile!!!

  3. I think I got mixed up on the numbers – it was #3 & #4 Megan's Show and #5 Las Vegas -Christmas.

  4. ok..I'll try.
    1. Clay was a correspondent on "The Insider" Year…2005?
    2. Cameo in "Ed" 2004?
    3. Megan Mc(? actress from Will& Grace) 2006?
    4. Soap Opera (the guy with the Patch over his eye????)Days of our Lives. 2007?
    5. Christmas Skating show. 2007?
    6. New Years Eve in Time Square? 2003?

    Well..that's the best I can do…It's hard to remember over 8 years now….lol
    that was fun, Can't wait to read others now…to see where I went wrong…

  5. Why is Clay so handsome!!? He looks great in all these pictures 🙂 Thanks for posting these tv appearance pictures!

  6. musicfan123 – I too had no clue as to when or where those good looking photos of Clay were taken. I favor #2 and #4, but the one I love best is the one that is now in your banner. Every time I click onto your site it's like a ray of sunshine hits me. Clay just seemed so happy at that Durham Bulls ballgame. Glad I finally had a chance to work that in. It's a great banner!

    • I am so glad you like the banner. I will pass the word to Deona who made it.

      The Durham Bulls game was a great performance and Clay sighting!!

  7. Great pictures. Here's the one's I think I know: 1.I believe he was on an Emmy Awards Show in 2004? Also on Red Carpet. 3. He was on the Megan Malluly Show in 2005. 4. Soap Opera "All My Children" He sang "Everything I Have". It aired on Christmas Day (or the day after)2006. 5. The "Christmas On Ice Show". Sang many songs off his Christmas Album. 2008.

  8. OK I cheated….I do kinda recognize most of these after seeing the answers from everyone…I must admit the only one I knew for sure was the Christmas On Ice pic. As I said to Clay…"I'm no good at this trivia stuff"…but thanks for the fun! Cookie

  9. I have no clue on the last one, but I'm pretty confident on the others except I have no idea what year for them. Clay sure has had a lot of different looks over the years.

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